The Computer is Dead

Sorry everyone! There won’t be any new posts for this weekend. The charger port of my computer is broken, and the external battery charger that I ordered won’t arrive until next week. Hopefully it will work and I can show you all the weirdos that are taking over my sketchbook. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Shadow Monsters and Tea

I promised you tea serving komodo dragons, and by golly you're getting tea serving komodo dragons!

I promised you tea serving komodo dragons, and by golly you’re getting tea serving komodo dragons!

Playing around with ideas for the next theme.

Playing around with ideas for the next theme.

Not much to say on the first piece. I found out that I can’t draw komodo dragons to save my life and that I should practice them more.

The other piece is an idea for the next theme. It’s going to take a few pages, so the finished product isn’t going to be up for some time now. I don’t want to give anything away just yet, but I will tell you that I’m going to have a lot of fun with it.

Also, I’m going to take a bit of a break until Friday, and there’s a possibility that updates will be scarce next week. I have a lot of work to do for school (midterms, essays, all that fun stuff), so this site is going to take a back seat for a bit. I’ll return with more sideshow dorks, fluffy animal losers, and possibly a new banner. See you at the end of the week!

It’s Like Rain On Your Wedding Day!

 It's a free ride when you've already paid!

It’s a free ride when you’ve already paid!

It's the good advice that you just didn't take!

It’s the good advice that you just didn’t take!

And who would’ve thought? It figures!

…I’ve been listening to my Spotify playlist for several hours now.

I missed last night’s update because I got distracted by a character design that was getting on my nerves, so here are two sketches to make up for that! Have a circus freak and a random unfinished dancing girl who you’ll never see again!
Queinth up there is a fabricated oddity from the same sideshow as the sword swallower and the knife thrower. His face is a bit cat like, so they play him off as the world’s one and only cat man. He likes the attention, and generally milks the act for all it’s worth. His name is pronounced as cat. “Que” as in cheque, “in” as in meringue, and “th” as in Thyme. I tried to do that ghoti thing. I think I failed.

Also, I used this facial structure reference. Fyuvix’s tutorials are the best tutorials on the internet! Her references are so helpful, and she’s a nice person and an excellent teacher! Look at the tutorials and references on her Deviantart page when you get the chance! (PG 13 gallery, so keep that in mind. The usual disclaimer remains.)

Artist’s Block Tonight. Come Back Tomorrow for an Actual Post

EDIT 12:19 :

I also felt bad about leaving you with a “blank post,” so have a red panda instead. She is a cereal mascot parody who I have yet to do anything with.

Deleted because I don’t like how the sketch looks. Sorrel’s kinda hard to draw.

I’m thinking of taking weekends off.

Come back tomorrow for an actual post.




There is a rant right under this text. If you don’t want to listen to me complain while waving my cane in the air, then please skip to the next set of bold text.

I hate to be that one person on the internet who has to come and spoil everyone’s fun, but I just had to do it. If you like browsing through Tumblr, Deviantart, and what ever the cool kids use these days, then you’ve probably seen those edgy pastel pictures floating around and spreading like wildflower. You know the pictures that I’m talking about. “Creepy” things in pastel colors with the “shocking” phrases? Yeah I hate those. It’s one of those try-too-hard trends where everyone thinks they’re being shocking and ironic by posting the same types of things over and over. It just feels like a brighter version of the those emo art pics that used to float around on the internet. I know that all of the artists who use this style work hard on it, and I’m proud of them for finding a style that they like. Sometimes, I actually admire their digital painting skills. I mean, look at that mess up there. I’m positive that most of those guys could have done much better than that pile of trash. I have seen artists who can balance things out and avoid making a big pot of “nonconformist” soup . At the same time, however, I’m just waiting for it to end. I give it a few more months before it goes the way of the way of all the other “edgy” art trends. I wonder what will take its place?

And if you like the trend, I’m completely okay with that. Keep on pasteling on if that’s what makes you happy.

Rant over.
If anyone finds this too creepy I will gladly take it down. I’m also thinking of turning Edgy McGoopington up there into a nice yellow komodo dragon who likes to serve tea to its owner. Does that sound better?

Also, do I rant a lot? I feel like I do.

You’re my Favorite Person


“I missed you.”

It’s been a year since they’ve seen each other. They can’t wait to catch up.

Theme no. 2: Love

Finished version of Pi and his niece. She’s only two years younger than he is, and they decided a long time ago that it would be weird to have her call him Uncle Pi all the time. They see each other as brother and sister, and would do anything for each other. She knows that she can run to Pi whenever she has a problem, and he tries his best to help and make everything better. Truth be told, I imagine their relationship to be similar to the one I have with one of my cousins. He’s the one who helped me make this WordPress thing in the first place.

I have Another Test Tomorrow. Enjoy a Fluffy WIP

Pi and his niece being adorable. There's more to this pic.

Pi and his niece being adorable. There’s more to this pic.

Sorry for the lack of awesome sketches! I have a midterm tomorrow, and to be honest I shouldn’t have even taken time out to do this. Anyway, this is a WIP of Pi and his niece for the second theme on the list. The theme is love, so I decided to go with familial love instead of romantic.

Also Pi’s family is made of really tall creatures. Just thought you should know that.

Inks Like a Manga

Because at the time the outline reminded me of manga.

I come from the time of CLAMP and Dragon Drive.

Now it just looks like marker.

Breaking the fan art limit to keep on schedule. I sketched this back in the summer, but only decided to ink it now. Enjoy Margot Mallard being nosy. That shirt says “But That’s None of My Business,” by the way.

One of my professors gave us these awesome brush pens at the beginning of the semester. It’s fun to play with, and I’ve been waiting for a chance to use it on an actual drawing instead of a doodle. The brush pen is a little more difficult to use than the dip pens, but the challenge is fun! The brush just freely glides on the paper, and if you listen carefully it makes a nice woosh sound. It’s definitely something I want to practice using. By the time we actually have to use these in class my pen is going to run out of ink.

Margot Mallard (c) Warner Brothers

Messy Sketch

He doesn't even care right now. He told you twice. Now he's just watching.

He doesn’t even care right now. He told you twice. Now he’s just watching.

Nothing really special. Just a much needed reference for the next 100 Themes drawing.

This is Pi. He was created around the same time as Mu, and I have this thing about always putting them in the same series. He needed to be drawn. I already posted teenybopper versions of his friends (Original Mu and Vermie/ Rho), so it had to be done. Pi is very calm and reasonable, and is often the most sensible of the bunch. No one knows what kind of animal he is. There’s a rumor that he might be a pangolin, lizard, or rabbit, but no one knows.

To be honest, I think of these teenage dorks as completely separate entities from the cute kids. They may have come from the same bad drawings, but  in the end, they don’t really have that much in common. Puppy Mu is much sweeter than Original Mu, and Rho is much sassier than Vermie. I guess the only one who would be similar to their “teen counterpart” would be Pi, but I don’t know yet. Ah well.

When the Crypt Doors Creak and the Tombstones Quake

Spooks Come Out for a Screaming Wake

Ookie Spookie

Ookie Spookie

This was a fun experiment. Not only did I get to practice some of that perspective thing (which wasn’t really necessary for this), but I got to test out a shading style and play around with colors! Speaking of which, I tried to stick to blues, oranges, and green for the palette. The orange was supposed to pop against the blue without making it look like an eyesore like the old pages of my fancomic (those colors could blind you!) Overall, I like how this turned out. Pumpkin Kid over here is fun to draw, so who knows? I might draw him again in the future!