Yip Bi Di Dit Bip Bi-Ee-I-Di-Dit Wander Over Yonder!


Yip Bi Di Dit Bip Bi-Ee-I-Di-Dit Wander Over Yonder!


Wander! Wander!
Over! Over!
Yonder! Yonder! Wander! Yonder!

Yip Bi Di Dit Bip Bi-Ee-I-Di-Dit Wander Over Yonder!


And if you haven’t sat down to watch this yet, please do so now.


Wander Over Yonder (c) Craig McCracken and Disney (because sometimes life is fair)

Lyrics from here


That’s It!


“That’s it! That’s not what we have to do!”

“I don’t understand.”

“Don’t you see? We’re doing the same thing with no results! We don’t have to do it!”


“Just follow me and do everything I do! You’ll figure it out as we go along.”


Guess who got a brand new sketchbook?

A few years ago I had an idea for a Kingdom Hearts fanfic involving Xion, Sora, and nonDisney characters. Amazingly enough, I don’t hate the idea and would like to do something with it one day. 1:

This was more difficult than it should have been, but was still fun to do. I almost never draw people from the sides, crouching, or on top of something, so this was a fun little challenge. Sora could have looked a little better, and I missed a few aspects of his design, but other than that, I think he looks great.

Xion’s color pallete came from this. Since Sora’s design was originally based on Mickey Mouse, Xion’s outfit should look a famous nonDisney character. Originally I thought of Ann Marie from All Dogs go to Heaven, but that would have made her colors too similar to Sora’s (and now that I think about it, that might not have been too bad.) In the end I went with Tanya Mousekewitz’s pastel color variant. It makes her standout more.


On an unrelated note it’s raining like crazy outside. I went to open the door for my mom and I think I drowned. Stay indoors, everybody.


Sora, Xion, and Kingdom Hearts (c) Disney and Square Enix

Tanya Mousekewitz (c) Don Bluth

That sweet realistic looking boulder over there (c) Me

This is Gonna be a Good Summer :1



In May Nintendo announced that they were remaking my favorite (and first) Pokemon game. This month I found out that the Sailor Moon remake is finally coming out in July. Excuse me while I disappear for the rest of the year…


This thing gave me such a hard time. Eventually I just said “forget it” and decided to leave it as is. Enjoy Sailor Shego Jasmine Mars and Rufflet Torchic.


Colored version if I feel like it


Too tired to now how to do the legal talk part

All characters belong to their respected owners



Gonna go to bed. Night y’all.


This Post was Made Possible by Contributions from Viewers Like You

Thank you

Thank you


So this is my 50th post, and I have to say that I’m as happy as a lark about it. To be honest? I don’t think I would have reached this many posts if it weren’t for all of you. I’ve tried other art sites, and those were all fine and dandy. However, I never posted this much stuff on those sites mainly because it wasn’t the place for me. You know how it is. The site is so big that sometimes you get overlooked. It doesn’t have much of a customization option so you can’t make it ‘you’ enough. Not to say that they’re bad. They just aren’t for me. My cousin recommended WordPress to me, and I have to say that this was a great idea. It feels more personal, and I feel as though I can get more people to look at my work here.


Now onto the important thing important part of this story. Listen. Guys. Let me be honest with you. I love you all. I love everyone who has ever followed me and everyone who has ever liked one of my posts. You guys are the best. You appreciate what I do, put up with my craziness, are very patient, and make me feel all around special. I love posting these pictures for you guys. It makes me really happy.


I know I’m not the best at this type of thing, but what I’m trying to say is thank you for making it all worth it! I’m looking forward to showing you more work as I grow as an artist.


Thanks guys. You’re the bests! :”D



Also I revamped Sorrel again. Now she’s some type of bunny-bird. She looks a bit too thin in this. To be honest? She’s a pain in the neck to draw, especially since I draw her less often than other characters. I actually have no idea how to draw her properly, which is really sad when you consider the fact that she’s pretty much a bird version of of me.

This is a Test of the Emergency Sorrel System

Had this been a real emergency Sorrel would not have used such a silly title.

Brooke copy

Someone was nice enough to point out that I was taking pictures of my sketchbook the wrong way. Another was nice enough to tell me how to do it. My professor was nice enough to show the entire class how to properly color in photoshop. I was nice enough to…well actually I can’t think of anything. I just really wanted to keep the flow going.


So I tried to test all these methods out on this test sketch thing. Other than her-stiff-as-all-Hades legs I’d say this was a success. The colors came out nicely, and the left hand actually looks like a hand this time! The outfit was my friend’s idea. She’s great at coming up with outfits.


Anywho, enjoy this thing. : >

Just Some Chick ( Also Commisions)


Bought a new mini sketch pad today, so I sketched this chick. I dunno. Why am I even uploading this?

Anyway I’m taking commissions if anyone is interested. I’ve been putting signs like this up on other sites, too, so why not show my favorite internet people this offer, too? I’m doing this less because I need the money and more because I want to prove to myself I’m good enough to take on things like this. There are five slots available, and the prices aren’t too bad. Sketches are $5.00. Lineart is $10.00. Color (which will be done digitally) is for $15.00. The shipping costs approximately $5.50, and you will receive an 8.5X11 picture.
There will be an additional $1.00 added for every additional character you want drawn, but my limit is five characters to a page. I can give you a simple background for an additional $2.00

In some cases, I may ask the buyer if I can post the work to my site. I will only do this if they give me permission. Alternatively, the buyer may post it to their gallery if they notify me first and give me full credit and link back to my site.

It may take a bit due to how busy I am in real life, but don’t worry. You will get it.

General rules
-I will not draw anything inappropriate.
-Do not use any of my art for commercial purposes, and you may not claim it as your own.
-Do not copy or redistribute my work
-I can draw humans and animals and the like
-Please pay me before I draw the image for you.
-If for some reason I cannot complete your picture, I will notify you and give you a refund.
-Please provide me with a reference of the character(s) you want me to draw

If you are interested contact me at Sorrelbird1 @ gmail. Com (without the spaces).
Thanks y’all!

Drops of Jupiter

Drops of Jupiter

I’ve had this in my head for a couple of days now. If I didn’t draw it soon I would have never gotten around to it. That’s the life if a lazy-butt. The sketch was inspired by Train’s Drops of Jupiter . You’ll never know how much I love this song.

I don’t hate this. There are a few things that should be fixed, but I’ll just leave it as is for now. Enjoy.

So You Know I Love You Guys, Right?

Drawing of my dog. He thinks he's a model.

Drawing of my dog. He thinks he’s a model.


The picture is unrelated, but I didn’t want to leave you guys without a picture.

So you know I love you guys, right? “Hello Everyone,” “Improbablility of Seriousness,” and “Penguins and Unhappiness” were all just gag posts. I can’t give up on art for that sort of thing.

I decided to make this post as straight forward as I can, guys. This is very awkward for me, because I honestly didn’t expect that my posts would get the attention they did. It actually makes me feel bad, considering that my hastily written pseudo intellectual posts actually seemed to make sense to a lot of people, which I guess is pretty cool. On the other hand, revealing that this was all part of an April Fools Day prank makes me feel sorry for all of my new followers who joined in for the opinionated posts about things. I’m sorry guys, but that’s not really my thing. Unless I state otherwise, this blog will be used for art and art alone!


But since you guys liked my serious post so much, let me tell you how I really feel about the issue.

We are a little too preoccupied with being serious all the time, and it would be nice to just let loose and get your goof on every once in a while. We spend way too much time being big, respectable, serious people all the time that we almost forget what it’s like to have fun. I mean, let’s be honest, whenever we do something fun after weeks and months of doing boring, important things, we look drained. We come out of our little boxes of stressed out seriousness and start looking around like some little dog that hasn’t been on a walk in ages. “What’s that? Is that a tree?! Is that junk food?! Are those those fun paddle ball toys that I haven’t seen since I was ten? Is this what I’ve been missing?!” Then afterwards you let loose but you’re so awkward and confused because you haven’t done anything fun in forever. You barely know how to have fun anymore. It’s cool, though. You can still learn. It takes practice, but you can get it.

On the other hand, life isn’t all fun and games, and that’s the sad truth. Some times you have to get serious. When things need to be done you have to man up and take control, because you know full well that you’re the only one who can do that job the way you can. You depend on you, and others depend on you, so it’s cool to switch to serious mode when things happen. Have respect for others having a moment of focus and concentration, and if they politely ask you to tone down the craziness for a moment, it’s okay. The same way you want them to respect your nutty, unconventional personality you respect their serious, straightforward attitude. It’s only fair, right? Do onto others, you know?

In the end you really need a balance of silly and serious to survive this life. If you’re always serious you’ll never get any real enjoyment out of life. Things will pass you by, you’ll never see the beauty in anything, and you’ll always be too busy killing moments to realize that the world is an awesome place of wonder and awe. If you’re too silly, then nothing will have any real importance to you. Any serious moment, from a wedding, to a funeral or even a birthday will loose meaning because you’re too busy making a joke out of everything to realize how important they are. Things become less valuable and precious, and before you know it you’ll be trading watching your kid take her first steps for some silly beach party with a bunch of random whoevers that you just met. In short, silliness rocks! It’s awesome and we should all try it some time/ Seriousness isn’t without it’s merits either. It’s that calming force that somehow manages to make you realize that you are a leader and a winner, and that you have to focus on things. When you combine the too, and do something silly but take it as serious as you would any happy event, everything  just seems to  fall into place and just feel special.



…Yyyyyeeeeeah I still can’t do this philosophical thing. Happy April Fools Day and don’t expect anything else like this for a long, long time.


Good night, my friends.



PS: Still a little upset about fake philosophical me getting all the attention. Jerrica I now know how you feel about Jem.