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Legos and Billy Joel

…Have absolutely nothing to do with this post.

…albeit I do like legos…

…and I really didn’t start the fire…

…it was always burning since the world’s been turning.

I present to you three sketches.

The first one is just a girl who was supposed to look like an anime girl. I used to be good at drawing that anime stuff…

The last two are work in progress pictures.

I really have to fix that second picture. Eddisha looks too bulky. Also, her neck should be shorter. Perhaps I’ll redraw it? Hmmm…no.

If all goes as planned, I might get that genie comic up before this month ends. (None of my projects go as planned. If it’s up by the end of the month more power to me.)

Obligatory comment about the third picture Oh hey! Another Digimon comic! I’m not obsessed with Digimon at all!



…It’s still rock and roll to me…

Hasta luego.


Rocking socks

Rock like a sock

Mu, the dog-genie, demonstrates how one should properly wear socks. Zach, the human, demonstrates how one should stare at a dog-genie.

I have nothing much to say. My scanner is no longer a diva. It was confused about whether or not it should print or scan. It’s a little hard to explain…

Also, I present to you one of two flat drawings. I’ll post the other one next week.

The boy is Zach Hill. He likes to draw (he is holding a blue pencil case). The dog-genie is Mu. He likes to be the special one. You’ll get to know them better.


And then irony hit me like a ton of bricks!

My scanner stopped working. Until the problem is solved, play some Angry Birds and drink some sorrel while angry bird Sorrel refuses to enjoy the digital sketch… Did that make any sense?

Man, I hate having to sketch using the computer. It’s really irritating.

Well, I had two new sketches to show you. As luck would have it, as soon as I’m ready to scan, boom! The scanner stops working.  You see, this particular device has diva tantrums. One  moment it’s printing and scanning and making life easy. The next minute it goes on strike when I need to do something important.

Depending on how things go, I may or may not have my sketches posted by the end of this week. Just hope for the best.

…Also, does anyone still use Oekaki, or is it a thing of the past?

Digimon, Digimon Everywhere

Meet Pete

Page one of a Digimon Fancomic. I promise you, I will get back to posting things that are not Digimon related.

Well, this is nice. I’m finally getting around to drawing comics. I guess I can do this!

I promise you that this site will not only contain a Digimon Fancomic. There will be plenty of original, nonfandom-based things. Trust me. I’m already working on them. Just wait until the Summer.

I also updated the comic page.

I also want to take this moment to give credit where credit is due:

Circuit pattern came from this site

What is..well you know the drill…

A stout sugar glider Digimon in a business suit. Your argument is not invalid. Your entire thought process is.

You know how I’ve been asking “what is this?” on every Digimon related post? Well, here is some of what ever it is I am doing. It’s a work in progress comic page(For the love of all things holy just look at that right arm. It is hideous).

Don’t worry. Digimon is not overpowering the site. This is only one of the comics I plan to start this summer. The other one(s) have nothing to do with fandoms. You may now return to your regularly scheduled internet usage.