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Repeat after me: I will not post things early in the morning

Edit: I did not like that old title. I had to change it. Sorry for the false update.

…So let me get this straight. I can draw hands decently when I’m half asleep, but my hand writing becomes illegible? What a world…

“Oh come on! Admit it! I look adorable!” Sure, sweetie. What ever makes you happy.

Did you ever get the urge to draw Fifi LeFume dressed as Abby Bominable? No? Wow.

You know what they say about 3 AM ideas, don’t you? They are always the weird ones. I don’t even like Monster High. (Albeit some monster designs are nice. I also admire anyone who customizes a Monster High doll. They always make swanky creatures.)

Fifi was always my favorite Tiny Toon. She was adorable and girly. I always imagined she collected dolls.

I apologize for all of this nonsense. I’m still a bit sleepy.

Good night…Good morning…

Abby Bominable

Fifi LeFume


The comic from Ipanema

Because listening to this makes everything better.

Elevator music

Stellatemon is a fish, by the way…

I present to you page two in a series about Digimon. The background was a last minute thought, but I like how it turned out.

I wanted to change a few things about my style. I decided to try cel shading, which taught me that I need to practice shading. I’m adding that to my to do list.

I guess it’s safe to say how I like how this turned out. It’s not bad. Maybe I’ll use actual shading in this comic and leave 1-800-GENIE flat. Hmmm…

Well, see you all later.