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Oh my goodness

Enjoy some concept art.

Mufidy Notre

This little goofball is Mufidy.

Nu Mew

This spunky kitty is Nu.

Xi De'Lys

This serious girl is Xi. Why yes, that mustachioed smiley in the corner is saying “I lied.”

Sorry about the lack of updates. My computer wasn’t working. It had to be restored to factory setting. I reinstalled Photoshop, but now I have to download some fonts, patterns, and brushes.


Anyway, do you remember 1-800-Genie? I had to stop working on that project. It turns out that the magical singing, dancing, wish granting disneyesque genies are far from what real genies are supposed to be (read this). I tried to use other creatures instead. I looked up everything associated with dogs and/or wish granting. The only problem was that I couldn’t find anything that could work with the story. Dog fairies indicate death, pixies don’t actually grant wishes, and puca don’t work for me.

Eventually I decided to make up my own fictional species. That’s when things became complicated. I didn’t know where they came from or how they got to earth. I ended up with a painful headache.

After that I decided to stop being stubborn and step away from wish granters. I tried ghosts. That story was cute , but disturbing. Then I tried muses. I found out that male muses don’t exist. I tried something else, but I don’t remember what that was.

Weeks later I decided to write about gargoyles and anything remotely similar to¬† gargoyles. I’m still working on that. I’ll be lucky if I finish the rough draft by December.

And again I say “oy.”

Expect more concept art soon.
See you later.


Site overhaul

I am changing the site a bit. You could say I am on hiatus. I shall return sometime next week.

Sorry about breaking my “no picture = no post” rule.

Peace out.