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I Hate This Doodle

I really, truly do.

It's so ugly.

It’s so ugly.

However, I felt like drawing something with black hair. You see, last year’s animated films had quite a few ravenhaired characters. I only got to see one of those movies (I had to read TVtropes articles to learn the plots and endings of some of the others), but that’s not important right now. What’s important is that last year taught me that I am drawn to characters with black hair. They seem to have the most adorable quirks and most amazing personalities (except for Pitch Black. I didn’t get to see Rise of the Guardians, but I can’t look at that character from a frontal view. He’s too creepy for me).

Ms. Kitty here might not have a personality as quirky as other black haired characters. In fact, she looks like the meanest, unfriendliest, most despicable thing I’ve ever drawn. The sketch was fun to make, and I had fun using a small lineart size. However, after a while, working on this became boring. The hair does not even look as nice as I thought it would.

So what did I learn from this? Black hair is hard to color, and sleeve fluff is fun to draw.

Maybe next time I should draw a character with pointy gap teeth. I like characters with pointy teeth and gap teeth.

See you later.


Girl of Rock Smash and Rollout

I think I'll call her Charlee

I think I’ll call her Charlee

So I was chitchatting with a buddy this weekend. He happens to like Chespin, a new Pokemon for a new Pokemon game. He showed a few pictures of the little cutey, which made me want to draw a Chipette version of it (after all, what good is a chipmunk Pokemon if no one makes an Alvin and the Chipmunks reference?) I have to honestly say that this was a lot of fun. The style is not something I’m used to, but I like it. Maybe I should do more Chipmunk/ Pokemon crossover doodles.

Unfortunately, I am too tired to write anything else.

Good night, all.

Ps: I must give credit where credit is due:

Chipette reference: Here (Please do look at the rest of her art. It is adorable.)

Chespin reference: Here


Ps again: I removed the update page from the site. It just seemed pointless.