Girl of Rock Smash and Rollout

I think I'll call her Charlee

I think I’ll call her Charlee

So I was chitchatting with a buddy this weekend. He happens to like Chespin, a new Pokemon for a new Pokemon game. He showed a few pictures of the little cutey, which made me want to draw a Chipette version of it (after all, what good is a chipmunk Pokemon if no one makes an Alvin and the Chipmunks reference?) I have to honestly say that this was a lot of fun. The style is not something I’m used to, but I like it. Maybe I should do more Chipmunk/ Pokemon crossover doodles.

Unfortunately, I am too tired to write anything else.

Good night, all.

Ps: I must give credit where credit is due:

Chipette reference: Here (Please do look at the rest of her art. It is adorable.)

Chespin reference: Here


Ps again: I removed the update page from the site. It just seemed pointless.


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