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So I had the urge to draw Cynder and Ember…

…because they are my two favorite dragon girls in the Spyro the Dragon series…

Gaze upon the pink and purple friendship! Gaze upon it, I say!

Gaze upon the pink and purple friendship! Gaze upon it, I say!

I love these two. They’re just so adorable I can’t stand it. It’s a pity they never met up in the games. My headcanon says that they’d have a sisterly relationship. I can’t see them as enemies or rivals or anything like that. I mean, if we notice that Spyro never told either of the girls he loved them and pretty much left them hanging just forgot about Spyro for a minute and disregard any canon that might prove me wrong and focus on the girls’ personalities, then they could have a cute little bond going on. Ember needs a hero. Someone who she can look up to and run to in her time of need. Since Cynder was technically an adult before, and since she was reformed, she might just make a good roll model (and train her and I can’t believe that I just wrote an entire paragraph explaining my headcanon).

Anyway, I’m not extremely proud of this picture. It was a bit of an experiment, and I did not get the results I wanted. My problem is that I know whats wrong (i.e. hands, legs, feet, and Ember’s head), but I don’t know how to fix them. Hey, if you know how, please let me know.




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Cynder and Ember belong to Sony Computer Entertainment, Insomniac Games, and Activision



I want to draw more Spyro the Dragon stuff, but I probably won’t.


Sometimes Birdies Get Sad

Sometimes birds get sad

Sometimes birds get very, very sad

Hi everyone. This was not the note I wanted to return on. I just felt really sad and decided to make a quick doodle. I promise that I’ll return to drawing happy, cutesy, colorful things. I just needed to get this out of my system.