Penguins and Unhappiness

If you look at penguins, you’ll realize that they are the soul symbol of unhappiness in the animal kingdom.


Not because they all look alike

Not because they live in the freezing cold

Not even because they hatch from eggs


But because of their beaks. The bird’s beak is like it’s mouth, and that is how they communicate and eat. Penguins make such high pitched little squeaks. I wonder if they ever laugh at each other for having too high or too low of a squeak. Maybe that’s why they’re all so loud. If they’re loud then their voices can be heard over the others. Maybe they’re really saying “hey! Listen to that guy! He doesn’t sound like me! What a loser!” It’s sad, really. They only stop that when they eat fish. Poor things. They can’t eat what us  humans do. Maybe that’s why they’re so loud. They want cakes, too! Tee hee! Silly birds! ~_^


One thought on “Penguins and Unhappiness

  1. OMG I love penguins! ^ v ^ I also like your writing so so much! I feel sorry the penguins! No one feeds them cakes! If we feed them cakes, maybe the world can be a better place, eh? ^_^ Also, do you write stories! I’d love to read them!

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