The improbability of seriousness

Hello, all. I decided I would try to give my first opinion on an issue close to my heart.


Throughout our lives we are forced to condemn with such horrible feats of reality that no one can possibly comprehend until they are older. Even then we don’t understand. We are told from early in our childhood that we are forced to confine ourselves to such horrible borders that will shape us as adults. Our play is interrupted by mean adults who ultimately tell us to get serious, and though we try to fight it, we eventually fall under the spell of serious, too. We soon shed our happiness and bright colors for dignified and boring tones. No longer are we allowed to let the horrible enemies of pink and blue and yellow accompany our happy wardrobe. Instead we must settle for the dull shades of grey that represent the loss of our joy and peace. We are no longer allowed to act silly, but we are forced to confine ourselves into the rigid box of seriousness that will hold us captive for all the days of our lives, all because we let someone who lost all of their silliness get to us. It’s an awful fate and we must fix this. We can not allow our children to grow up in a world where you must only act serious, especially in situations some poor fool has deemed as serious. So what is there’s a formal party? You are a human being and you should not be confined to their rigid dress code and food. That is too serious. Show up wearing your most relaxing clothes and eat your most delicious sub. If they can’t see why you are doing this, then they are too deep into their seriousness. Do not get angry at them, for they do not understand. You must not force them, but constantly remind them that the world is not serious at all. Do not make serious things serious.




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