Just Some Chick ( Also Commisions)


Bought a new mini sketch pad today, so I sketched this chick. I dunno. Why am I even uploading this?

Anyway I’m taking commissions if anyone is interested. I’ve been putting signs like this up on other sites, too, so why not show my favorite internet people this offer, too? I’m doing this less because I need the money and more because I want to prove to myself I’m good enough to take on things like this. There are five slots available, and the prices aren’t too bad. Sketches are $5.00. Lineart is $10.00. Color (which will be done digitally) is for $15.00. The shipping costs approximately $5.50, and you will receive an 8.5X11 picture.
There will be an additional $1.00 added for every additional character you want drawn, but my limit is five characters to a page. I can give you a simple background for an additional $2.00

In some cases, I may ask the buyer if I can post the work to my site. I will only do this if they give me permission. Alternatively, the buyer may post it to their gallery if they notify me first and give me full credit and link back to my site.

It may take a bit due to how busy I am in real life, but don’t worry. You will get it.

General rules
-I will not draw anything inappropriate.
-Do not use any of my art for commercial purposes, and you may not claim it as your own.
-Do not copy or redistribute my work
-I can draw humans and animals and the like
-Please pay me before I draw the image for you.
-If for some reason I cannot complete your picture, I will notify you and give you a refund.
-Please provide me with a reference of the character(s) you want me to draw

If you are interested contact me at Sorrelbird1 @ gmail. Com (without the spaces).
Thanks y’all!


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