This is a Test of the Emergency Sorrel System

Had this been a real emergency Sorrel would not have used such a silly title.

Brooke copy

Someone was nice enough to point out that I was taking pictures of my sketchbook the wrong way. Another was nice enough to tell me how to do it. My professor was nice enough to show the entire class how to properly color in photoshop. I was nice enough to…well actually I can’t think of anything. I just really wanted to keep the flow going.


So I tried to test all these methods out on this test sketch thing. Other than her-stiff-as-all-Hades legs I’d say this was a success. The colors came out nicely, and the left hand actually looks like a hand this time! The outfit was my friend’s idea. She’s great at coming up with outfits.


Anywho, enjoy this thing. : >


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