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Yip Bi Di Dit Bip Bi-Ee-I-Di-Dit Wander Over Yonder!


Yip Bi Di Dit Bip Bi-Ee-I-Di-Dit Wander Over Yonder!


Wander! Wander!
Over! Over!
Yonder! Yonder! Wander! Yonder!

Yip Bi Di Dit Bip Bi-Ee-I-Di-Dit Wander Over Yonder!


And if you haven’t sat down to watch this yet, please do so now.


Wander Over Yonder (c) Craig McCracken and Disney (because sometimes life is fair)

Lyrics from here



That’s It!


“That’s it! That’s not what we have to do!”

“I don’t understand.”

“Don’t you see? We’re doing the same thing with no results! We don’t have to do it!”


“Just follow me and do everything I do! You’ll figure it out as we go along.”


Guess who got a brand new sketchbook?

A few years ago I had an idea for a Kingdom Hearts fanfic involving Xion, Sora, and nonDisney characters. Amazingly enough, I don’t hate the idea and would like to do something with it one day. 1:

This was more difficult than it should have been, but was still fun to do. I almost never draw people from the sides, crouching, or on top of something, so this was a fun little challenge. Sora could have looked a little better, and I missed a few aspects of his design, but other than that, I think he looks great.

Xion’s color pallete came from this. Since Sora’s design was originally based on Mickey Mouse, Xion’s outfit should look a famous nonDisney character. Originally I thought of Ann Marie from All Dogs go to Heaven, but that would have made her colors too similar to Sora’s (and now that I think about it, that might not have been too bad.) In the end I went with Tanya Mousekewitz’s pastel color variant. It makes her standout more.


On an unrelated note it’s raining like crazy outside. I went to open the door for my mom and I think I drowned. Stay indoors, everybody.


Sora, Xion, and Kingdom Hearts (c) Disney and Square Enix

Tanya Mousekewitz (c) Don Bluth

That sweet realistic looking boulder over there (c) Me

This is Gonna be a Good Summer :1



In May Nintendo announced that they were remaking my favorite (and first) Pokemon game. This month I found out that the Sailor Moon remake is finally coming out in July. Excuse me while I disappear for the rest of the year…


This thing gave me such a hard time. Eventually I just said “forget it” and decided to leave it as is. Enjoy Sailor Shego Jasmine Mars and Rufflet Torchic.


Colored version if I feel like it


Too tired to now how to do the legal talk part

All characters belong to their respected owners



Gonna go to bed. Night y’all.