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Kitty Filler Art!

Sorry! No fancy sketches tonight I’m afraid. Have a notebook doodle of a cat to hold you over until tomorrow night.


Filler art because I have to finish studying for a test. I’ll draw something fancy for you tomorrow night.


Get Your Ghosties On!

You know what’s funny? I don’t celebrate Halloween, but I have the urge to draw all of this spooky stuff.

~Ooooh~ ~Spoooooky~

~Ooooh~ ~Spoooooky~

I was gonna upload this on October 1st, but I didn’t want to wait anymore. You might get a colored version of this on Friday. I’m actually trying to keep these art promises now, so hooray for progress! See, he even has the pointy gap teeth that I said I’d draw on a character one day!


Jackob is a self proclaimed genius and king of Halloween. He thinks he is the most powerful of all of  the monsters, but he is in fact one of the weakest. It’s to be expected, really. He’s just a humanoid pumpkin thing whose special scary skill is to grow jack-o-lanterns from his fingers. Jackob is stuck with that lame power until he withers up, but he’s happy with it. I mean, no other monster can do that. That makes him the best monster ever, and don’t try to tell him otherwise. He spends most of his time hanging out with his best friend, who is a little ghost girl. The two spend hours playing games and trying (and failing) to be scary.

Artist Block: Have Some Scenery!

It is also my homework.

It is also my homework.

And there goes my week of posts. a

There’s this nice spot in the park that is perfect for drawing. It’s cool with just the right amount of light, and it’s quiet with the right amount of noise. There’s a little bench where you can sit down and listen to the water on the other side. People pass through, but they never bother anyone. They’re all too busy taking in the sights or jumping the fence to look around by the water. It’s perfect for drawing, thinking, and just forgetting about everything. I love going there to draw. Hopefully I did it some justice.

Why I’d Never!

"Hmph! The nerve!"

“Hmph! The nerve!”

Ms. Somthinorranotha is quite possibly the most insufferable animal in the entire bog. She is a successful door-to-door saleswoman, the head of the PTA, an amazing cook, and by golly she will never let you forget any of that! Somthinorranotha is horribly snooty, and spends most of her time pointing out everything’s flaws and barking orders at everyone. And heaven forbid she invites herself over for lunch. She likes her egg salad with just the right amount of salt, and her chicken baked (not grilled and never fried) for exactly the right amount of time. Unfortunately, none of her friends have figured out either of these things, and as a result, must suffer one of Somthinorranotha’s many snarky comments, which are always followed by a smug grin.
She has very few friends, and even those she managed to keep find it hard to tolerate her.  She claims to be perfect, and from what everyone has seen, she almost is. She has never missed a day at work, never burns the food, and never takes more than one sample from the grocery store. This just makes everyone dislike her even more. Of course, she is not as perfect as she claims. Many have seen her trip and fall, and just as many have seen food fly out of her mouth when she laughs. Of course, Somthinorranotha denies all of these claims, and swears that she has never done anything of the sort. I guess that makes her a liar, too.

Get Your Hair Done

That's not how you use a curling wand, dear.

That’s not how you use a curling wand, dear.

Guys we’re less than a month away from the new Pokemon games. You don’t even know how excited I am. It’s gonna be 2005 all over again (I got the game really late 😛 ).

Also I noticed I’ve been uploading a lot of fan art recently. I’m going to try to post more original stuff to balance it out. I really don’t want to bore anyone with all of these fan things. Sorry about that and thanks for tolerating it!

Pokemon (c) Satoshi Tajiri, GameFreak, and Nintendo

We Needed More Fairies


There was an obvious lack of fairies on this blog. I fixed that.

Practicing stuff. The grass in the front looks a bit meh.

One day I should take pictures of my homework sketches and show them to you. That would be nice. Plenty of drawing knickknacks and plants and the like. Is anyone interested?

Colorful Palette Spree!

I interrupt these posts to bring you some really neat websites: (Psst! My friend showed me this one!)

It can help you make a really nifty palette, so all of you artists out there should look at it right now. If you aren’t an artist, look at it anyway! You get to play with colors! Never miss an the opportunity to play with colors!

I even made a palette using my dog’s colors!  CodyBeans copy Fun times!

Regular Teenage Girl by Day

Intergalactic Space Hero by Night! She is the one, the only, the fantastic Lady Moon!

Still not happy about these colors.

Still not happy about these colors.

You know when you finish something, but then decide it be so much better if you changed one tiny thing? Guess how many files of this exist on my computer. Go on. Guess.

Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi

Glub Glub Swimming Fishies!

Finally found the video that phrase came from. It’s part of those old shorts that used to run between the cartoons on the One Saturday Morning block. Good times. Good times.

Blubl blub swimming swimming Digis! Yeah it's only funny once.

Blub blub swimming swimming Digis! Yeah it’s only funny once.

So guess who is learning perspective? That’s right. This chick. It’s difficult, but not as difficult as I thought it would be. I decided to practice a bit by drawing a rough sketch of Stellatemon. He makes for some really fun poses. It was confusing figuring out where to place things, and the background still doesn’t look perfect. The bubbles also seem a bit odd. Other than that, I kinda like it. Stellatemon looks so happy there swimming in that river. Adding this to the long, long list of things to finish.