Pleased to Meet You~

WIP Sketch because I'm still alive!

WIP Sketch because I’m still alive!

Really sorry about not uploading anything yesterday. Time management isn’t my forte, but I’m trying to use this sketch a day thing as a way to improve that. I’m not sure how it’s going, but I’d like for it to become a habit.

Anyway, I finally decided to try my hand at the 100 Themes Challenge (W00t! Six years late to the party!). It’s a list of words and phrases that you use as inspiration for various works of art. If you find yourself on a lot of art sites, then you have probably seen the challenge floating around. I always thought it looked like fun, and artist’s block was kicking me in the face when I decided that this was a good idea. I’m excited for it, but let’s be honest here. You and I both know that I’m too busy/ lazy to finish anything as cool as this. Let’s both just enjoy the ride and see where it goes and how long it’ll take before I forget to finish.

As for the sketch, it’s supposed to be for the introduction theme. It’s not done yet, but I wanted to upload it anyway since I missed last night’s upload. These two old timey dorks are two of my characters for a story that is bound to change drastically in the future. As of now, they are a couple of sideshow performers whose main schticks are performing really dangerous stunts. He’s throws knives, and she swallows swords and walks on a bed of nails. This is years before the main story, back when he was new to that particular circus. They aren’t romantically involved. He’s just being somewhat of a kiss up really polite and trying to show her some respect as the eldest performer. She’s impressed by how thick he’s piling it on.

And that’s all you need to know for now. See you tomorrow night!


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