Inks Like a Manga

Because at the time the outline reminded me of manga.

I come from the time of CLAMP and Dragon Drive.

Now it just looks like marker.

Breaking the fan art limit to keep on schedule. I sketched this back in the summer, but only decided to ink it now. Enjoy Margot Mallard being nosy. That shirt says “But That’s None of My Business,” by the way.

One of my professors gave us these awesome brush pens at the beginning of the semester. It’s fun to play with, and I’ve been waiting for a chance to use it on an actual drawing instead of a doodle. The brush pen is a little more difficult to use than the dip pens, but the challenge is fun! The brush just freely glides on the paper, and if you listen carefully it makes a nice woosh sound. It’s definitely something I want to practice using. By the time we actually have to use these in class my pen is going to run out of ink.

Margot Mallard (c) Warner Brothers


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