Messy Sketch

He doesn't even care right now. He told you twice. Now he's just watching.

He doesn’t even care right now. He told you twice. Now he’s just watching.

Nothing really special. Just a much needed reference for the next 100 Themes drawing.

This is Pi. He was created around the same time as Mu, and I have this thing about always putting them in the same series. He needed to be drawn. I already posted teenybopper versions of his friends (Original Mu and Vermie/ Rho), so it had to be done. Pi is very calm and reasonable, and is often the most sensible of the bunch. No one knows what kind of animal he is. There’s a rumor that he might be a pangolin, lizard, or rabbit, but no one knows.

To be honest, I think of these teenage dorks as completely separate entities from the cute kids. They may have come from the same bad drawings, but  in the end, they don’t really have that much in common. Puppy Mu is much sweeter than Original Mu, and Rho is much sassier than Vermie. I guess the only one who would be similar to their “teen counterpart” would be Pi, but I don’t know yet. Ah well.


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