Ookie Spooky Ghosty Girl

"And she's gonna haunt you after she bakes you a delicious caramel apple pie!!!"

“And she’s gonna haunt you after she bakes you a delicious caramel apple pie!!!”

Another update a day late. I don’t know why, but I’ve been feeling really tired recently. New sketches are supposed to be posted between 11:00 and 11:59 Est, but I’ve been falling asleep around 10:00. I’m going to have to upload around 9:00 to keep on schedule.

Anyway, I mentioned before that the Pumpkin Kid has a ghost friend. Well, here she is! Theodosia the laughing ghost! She was born sometime during the Colonial era, and was known as a friendly, hardworking girl. She died when she was twelve years old, but not to disease or fatal injury. She asphyxiated from laughing at a joke that really wasn’t that funny. Theodosia has never left the area where she died, but she’s okay with that. She’s watched the world change, and is thoroughly impressed by all the progress people have made. Her favorite inventions are the walkman, AOL, and cheeseballs. Theodosia stopped liking fashion when 1925 hit. She’ll wear clothes from other centuries if she has to, but will mainly stick to cutesy dresses from the 19th century.

Ghost characters are hard to make. They’re cool until you realize that they were alive at some point. It freaks me out to no end. Plus, you can’t describe them without sounding unintentionally dark. I tried to make her seem as cute and light as possible. I think I succeeded.


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