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Guess who managed to catch a cold? This chick right here. I tried to draw you something nice, but I was feeling too sick to finish anything. Life is funny like that. Sorry guys.



Class stuff

Class stuff

Sorry everyone. No chars today. Enjoy some class worHonestly, I wish I could give a better description, but I’ve been feeling so tired lately thst right now I need to take a break. This week is going to be an odd one, and my next update is probably going to be on Thursday. As a matter of fact, I’m going to stick with a Monday-Thursday schedule for the rest of this month. I need to do school stuff and catch up on sleep. I’ll make up for this with fancy stuff in December.

also I need to get this stupid phone screen fixed. The screen is cracked so it’s really hard to properly use.

We’re Pound Puppies!

We wanna go home with you!

Please take us home!

Please take us home!

I used to watch the old Pound Puppies cartoon when it ran on Boomerang a few years ago. It was so cute and so much fun! (Why are 80s cartoons so cool?) The new Pound Puppies made drastic changes to the original, but for what it is it’s just as nice. I decided to draw Rebound, one of the 2010 puppies, in the old 80s style. It was not as hard as I thought it would be. It’s a fun style!

Peace, Dance, and Painful Bruises

YouMeThreeOclock (2)

“Namaste at 3 o’ clock”

The little subtitle thing actually came from a conversation with one of the librarians at the library I  go to. She said that she looked like she was doing the Namaste gesture but didn’t have a Namaste face XD. I love that library and everyone who works in it :”3.

Anywho, here’s another one of those silly char prototype things. This is pretty close to what Vermie was before she became a shy kitty. She’s only called Nefertari because there was a documentary on ancient Egypt on while I was drawing this :1. Might choose a better name later down the line.

Nefertari (then known as Rho) was created years after Pi and Mu. She’s now a scrappy perfectionist with a malicious streak,

More Circus Folk Stuff!

And by more I mean one pic!

And by folks I meant that one dude with the funny name!

And by folks I meant that one dude with the funny name!

Decided to just go with the flow and draw whatever comes to mind. Expect boogying Monroe sketches some time this week.

I’m playing around with ideas for these dorks. Queith (who I realized didn’t need an ‘n’ in his name) had the most boring act out of all of his colleagues, and it desperately needed to be changed. I mean, cat man? Really? He’s not even that catlike! Taking notes from a few old timey sideshows to figure out what he should be. It’s really a choice between armless man and man with stretchy skin. Though he would be able to do a couple of tricks either way, he wouldn’t be able to do anything as dangerous as the older circus folk. That would feel redundant.

Oh the Iron-y!

Get it? Because it's an iron...

Get it? Because it’s an iron… Oh come on. You know it’s hilarious.

Sorry guys! I had a bit of a block, so I’m low on character drawings and such. I have some ideas in mind, and there’s still a matter of the 100 themes challenge, so all will be back to normal soon. For now, enjoy some homework. We have to do a lot of observational drawing. It’s a lot of fun to do!

Also, I’m really trying to keep a balance with things here. I’m having fun drawing Pi and Monroe (just gonna call prototype Mu that from now on), but I don’t want to crowd the site with sketches of their friends and them. I also know that I’m going to have a new interest that’s going to take all of my attention away from them. Thing is, I like drawing what I like to draw, but I don’t want to bore anyone. Maybe I should stop over thinking this and just draw whatever comes to mind :1.

There’s also a matter of updating the site banner. Those sketches are a few years old.