Peace, Dance, and Painful Bruises

YouMeThreeOclock (2)

“Namaste at 3 o’ clock”

The little subtitle thing actually came from a conversation with one of the librarians at the library I  go to. She said that she looked like she was doing the Namaste gesture but didn’t have a Namaste face XD. I love that library and everyone who works in it :”3.

Anywho, here’s another one of those silly char prototype things. This is pretty close to what Vermie was before she became a shy kitty. She’s only called Nefertari because there was a documentary on ancient Egypt on while I was drawing this :1. Might choose a better name later down the line.

Nefertari (then known as Rho) was created years after Pi and Mu. She’s now a scrappy perfectionist with a malicious streak,


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