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I Like Christmas


It’s almost the 26th in my timezone, but I still want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope you got (or get depending on your timezone) everything you wanted. Kind of upset that I couldn’t do that whole 25 pics for Christmas thing. Ah well. Maybe next year. God bless us every one~

Also sorry this couldn’t be a cooler sketch. Nothing was planned, but I still wanted to upload some merriment before the day ended.


Now is the Time for Jello

For some reason I think jello is festive. Go fig.

That's a lot of jello there, kid.

That’s a lot of jello there, kid.

I’ve been really interested in vintage ads recently. They’re so charming and amazing. There’s a certain appeal to them that makes them so special. Tried copying the cute painting style here. Of course it didn’t come out as awesome, but it doesn’t mean I’m not going to keep trying. Maybe I’ll go out and buy some real watercolors and practice.

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

Pretty much the best Christmas song in existence

And sometimes I really like to draw Sora and Xion being dorks.

But oh how I love that green sweater!

Look at me all fancy with the PNG files and junk! This was just going to be a small sketch, but I got carried away. Trying something new with the eyes. Not really crazy about them, and Xion’s face really doesn’t look as nice as I thought. Back to the drawing board!

Digital Elves

So I realized my real problem is that I'm bad at drawing arms and legs

So I realized my real problem is that I’m bad at drawing arms and legs

Because sometimes you need to draw some kid dressed as an elf.

I haven’t drawn Melvina since the summer. She’s a character in that Digimon comic that I need to get off my lazy rear and finish writing. Her braids kinda look like dog ears right now, but only because I’m trying to find the simplest yet most effective way to draw them. Just enjoy a goof in an elf hat.


A friend showed me this video and I must say that it’s absolutely fantastic! The amount of effort put into this, the unique style, the beautiful colors and amazing motion is all just so breath takingly wonderful! Personally, I am not a fan of Ke$ha, but this video was so fantastic that I stopped caring who was singing. This is a bit of an odd request, but I want as many people as possible to watch this. If you could show this video to a few people you know I would be very happy. The artist is extremely talented, and deserves as many accolades as possible. Thank you so much, sorry for interrupting whatever you were doing, and have a nice day.

StillTrying to Simplify

Might do some Christmas Stuff like this.

Might do some Christmas Stuff like this.

Still trying to figure out this simplification thing. It’s a little less nerve racking than it was before. Gonna work on this and practice drawing arms and legs, too. Those are three things that keep killing me. Enjoy uber simple Monroe.

More of this Stupid Dog

He’s attention hungry and deathly afraid of being forgotten.

Pretty sure he'll be the death of me.

Pretty sure he’ll be the death of me.

Still working on everything. Style is still too complex, but honestly I’d like to play with it some more. Is it even a style or just a rehash of the other stuff I did? Kinda just want to go back to doing Christmas stuff. No pain no gain I guess. Gotta crack eggs before making omelettes and all those other cliches.