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Let it Go Already!


Sometimes I think Animaniacs came out at the wrong time.Can you imagine the kind of material they’d have to work with nowadays? Celebrity diva wars, Youtube stars, Disney movies that overstayed their welcome. Man oh man does this show need a comeback. Enjoy a pretty meh attempt at Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca Elsa the third.



Last Semester’s Final



Accidentally went to sleep beforeĀ  posting yesterday, so here’s a big pic to make up for that. I might post something else later on, too.

This was an assignment for a class last semester. We had to draw five versions of ourselves interacting in an environment. I decided to make myself a giant movie monster for this. It was fun, but not really something I’d want to do for fun.

Get a Job, You Bums!


No, no. I kid, I kid. You’re not bums.

Monroe is fun to draw. Too bad his pose looks boring here. I’m still trying to figure out how his cousin Dash should look, and for some reason I neither love nor hate this design. They are both Pomeranian mixes, though Dash looks closer to a Pom than Monroe does. I’m also trying to resist the urge to rename Dash Johnnie, Joelle, or Jovie. Somebody stop me.

The outfits are the fun part, though they’re difficult to design. Dash looks like she missed the some kind of 2000s trend, and I am absolutely okay with that. Monroe just looks like Monroe, so that’s cool, too.

And blah blah blah poll reminder blah blah blah vote if you do or don’t want $1.00 commissions blah blah blah

Thank you!






When Wreck-it Ralph first came out everyone and there grandmother wanted to make a Sugar Rush racer. My racer was a popcorn themed version of myself (which doesn’t really fit in with the sweets theme.) Enjoy a quick, messy, fun redraw of this thing.

Man do I need to watch that movie again. I should just go on a Disney Movie spree.

Aaaaand I don’t mean to be that one person, but it would me a lot to me if you could cast a vote here. Thank you!

Embarrassed to Ask. Is anyone interested in $1.00 Commissions?

Really not the kind of thing I wanted to bring up again. The plan was to hold off on this question until years from now when my work is worth the money. But life is kind of weird. It has a way of flipping your plans over no matter how embarrassing it may be to ask questions like this. I decided to do this thing right this time and actually ask if anyone is actually interested in this.


Boy am I gonna regret this in a few days…

So you see, I don’t really like putting all of my personal information and the like on this site. Nothing personal (because really I love you guys!) It’s just the way I was raised. I really don’t want to go into a big sob story or overly dramatic tale of “bawwwws” or “wahhhs,” so I’ll try to keep it as brief I possibly can. Things are rough here nowadays, and there’s nothing like an empty wallet full of moths to really drive that point home. Transportation is expensive, school is expensive, food is expensive, clothes, art supplies, vet visits, etc, etc, etc. I mean I really don’t have to tell anyone here that. You’re living in the world, so you get it. Anyway, I’m probably going about this all wrong again, but I just want to know if anyone is or is not interested in this before diving headfirst. Anywho, really sorry for posting this kind of thing. I’ll go back to your regularly scheduled sketches later on today. Thank you for your time.

Forgot how to Draw Faces

Trying to remember how to draw faces.

Trying to remember how to draw faces.

Wanted to draw something, but the faces that I was drawing looked horrible. Decided to draw a Bakugan character as practice. Man am I embarrassed to have ever watched that thing. I did like that Julie character, though. Girly, ditzy, had some sister problems or something. I really don’t remember if there was more to her character or not.

Bakugan (c) Nelvana