Get a Job, You Bums!


No, no. I kid, I kid. You’re not bums.

Monroe is fun to draw. Too bad his pose looks boring here. I’m still trying to figure out how his cousin Dash should look, and for some reason I neither love nor hate this design. They are both Pomeranian mixes, though Dash looks closer to a Pom than Monroe does. I’m also trying to resist the urge to rename Dash Johnnie, Joelle, or Jovie. Somebody stop me.

The outfits are the fun part, though they’re difficult to design. Dash looks like she missed the some kind of 2000s trend, and I am absolutely okay with that. Monroe just looks like Monroe, so that’s cool, too.

And blah blah blah poll reminder blah blah blah vote if you do or don’t want $1.00 commissions blah blah blah

Thank you!


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