The Dreaded Serious Opinion! Don’t worry! This is the First and Last Time My Opinions Extend to Things Beyond the Internet and Cartoons!

In which I stupidly think I’m smart enough to give an opinion on a serious matter.


As you can tell by my srs glasses

So I don’t really post things like this. Getting all serious and political and real worldy? That’s what the rest of the day is for. This place is for silly, happy, make everyone laugh and smile and go “awwwww!” type stuff, so getting all serious is something that I usually try to avoid. But this has just been on my mind and for some reason beyond all my sanity I thought it would be good to post all this. It’s not meant to offend anyone, I’m not trying to force anything down anyone’s throat, and above all I don’t want a big long debate or anything at the end. Just making a brief statement about something I was thinking about.

Don’t want to get into anything too private or sound too serious or anything. Just gonna say that I don’t think religion is a waste of time, and I don’t think that it is the source of all of the world’s problems. Yes, a few wars have been started that claim to be in the name of religion, and people can do hurtful things swearing up and down that they’re doing it because their beliefs or nonbeilefs automatically enable them to do whatever they want. At the same time there are religious groups that actually focus their energy on good things. Some educate, some provide a safe haven in times of need, and tons of them spend time helping the less fortunate. There is that big thing about helping your fellow man when he needs it Not everyone wants to kill and rant and scream or plunge a set of beliefs down someone’s neck until they puke it back up. We know it’s disrespectful. It’s looked down upon, especially since a lot of us beliefs have a really big thing about respect. I mean, we’re all people. Love thy neighbor and all of that XD

Anywho that’s enough seriousness for me for one week. One month, even! Man if this keeps up I’ll need a set of pencil skirts and glasses twice as big as the ones on my face. I don’t even know if what I said even makes sense. XD

Whatever you do or don’t believe I hope you have a really nice week. I love you guys. XD

Seriously, I love you guys. Waiting to see some kind of happy silly doodle and then getting a short essay on the importance of mutual respect and all that. You put up with some stuff, I tell you! Man you rock. XD


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