Archive | March 2015

New Start

Hey, all. Just a quick heads up. I’m going to be changing sites within the course of the week. WordPress just doesn’t allow me to do the things I want to do. The overall feel of the site this not very professional, and it just doesn’t convey the real me. I’ve been working on the new site all week, so I’ll leave a link here when I finish it. This is my first time really trying to build a site, so I want as much input as possible for this. Thank you all and see you during the big move!


Not Dead Yet


Man oh man is it good to be back! How is everyone? Doing well? Having fun? Eating lots of food? Hoarding Cadbury Creme eggs?

Sorry about being gone for so long. My brush pen ran out of ink and I’ve had too much school work to do to run out and buy a new cartridge. I’m trying to get out of the habit of posting messy sketches here, so things must at least be inked before I post. You deserve better.

Aaaand I’m experimenting with styles again. Going back to the anime days to see how that looks. I forgot how much I loved this stuff. Animals are weird to draw now…