More Painting

Oil paint, palette knife
More school work


5 thoughts on “More Painting

    • Thank you! I’m really glad that you like it! The colors were a bit difficult to mix, but the painting part was actually a lot of fun!

      And greyish colors are fun to work with XD

      • I thought it was a tough job, Sorrel. Grey and shades of are difficult and I haven’t quite got the hang of it myself. It was a marvel to see the result, really. I imagine you had to be upside down for parts of the process. Best of luck x

      • Greys are weird XD
        To be honest it’s a bit greener than it looks here, buuuut my phone doesn’t really pick up colors well XD.

        Oh! And I looked through your Flickr! Your paintings are awesome! My favorite is the yellow rose on the gold background with the dashes of blue. It feels so shiny.

      • I love shiny. I’m sure the yellow rose thing was part of a larger painting. Right…It was the lower corner of “Something Heart”. I defaced a poster, incidentally. I’m so glad you like that part. Other readers have said much the same. Thanks for looking at my Flickr. Be well.

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