Einstein 001

I found a random idea generator online, and it said to draw Albert Einstein with animal mutations. Giraffe Einstein is a genius among giraffes.

Since updating everyday isn’t really working out, and because quality is better than quantity (and I really need better quality), I’m cutting the update schedule to once a week on Wednesday mornings. This way I’ll have more time to show you things that aren’t just hazy photos of floating heads. There will be more time to scan and clean, and maybe some time to color now and then. The goal is to reach a point where the work is actually worthy to be looked at.

Now from September to December things might get a little weird because of school. I’ll still try to upload pictures of school projects, but personal stuff for here might end up taking a backseat. Education comes first.

Any who, thanks for listening to this long winded update post. See you Wednesday!


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