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A Lot Can Happen in a Year

2015 Summary of Art copy

There’s this 2015 Art Summary thing on DeviantArt and I decided to fill it it out for the heck of it. Nothing special, really. 2015 was a great year for learning, and it seemed like a good idea to condense all of the stuff from this year in a little box to see how I improved

January- After a talk with a professor about overworking sketches, tin soldier joints, and a bunch of other things I decided to give his whole simple cartoons suggestion a try. Used a lot of Joanna Davidovich, Anand Duncan, and vintage magazine ads to figure out what to do.

February- Got into John K and Saxton Moore, which resulted in noodly arms and things like that. Made me feel more like a cartoonist doing that and made me feel a bit better about drawing. Tried to find my own coloring style with a lot of sloppy Photoshop things and simple color combinations. Didn’t like it much, but it worked at the time and it beat crayons and color pencils.

March- Classes are great, you know? I got to learn tons of things about perspective and design and oil painting. Things were busy, and but they were going well. Most of the oil paintings we did were with a palette knife, which I liked a lot because you could “feel” the colors and movements. Then we did glaze paintings with brushes aaaaand…Well the under painting was fun! Starting to realize how much I love muted colors.

April- Did a lot with ink for a class. It quickly became my favorite medium because of how versatile it was. It felt easier to control than paint, even though it was messy and got everywhere. My favorite assignments were the marksmaking ones. They allowed is to try to make different textures with various objects (pens, springs, brushes, tissue, etc) dipped in ink. It was nice making so many different patterns and shades.

May- Tried to apply the fun of marks making to personal drawings. Played a lot with line weight and didn’t realize I was holding the brushpen incorrectly.

June- Played more with ink and textures and tried to find out how the heck hair and hands worked. Practiced more animation stuff and tried out water color for the first time, too. Ended up experimenting with paper cut outs, too. Stiiiiill holding that brushpen wrong…

July- Played around with more digital coloring. Nothing special. Just flat colors and sparkles in some case. Sometimes the backgrounds even looked like something.

August- Went fully digital for a bit. Heck I even used SAI for five seconds! Made a couple of illustrations with compositions and backgrounds and everything that an illustration is supposed to have. Tried to get those textures into the computer. Did it work? Ehhhhh….

September- Classes start again! Started learning about proper illustration techniques and character design, and finally learned how to do hatching. Started book arts and realized that the class is the bees knees. Also stepped into that anatomy class and was as happy as a clam to learn how to draw real people!

October- This month. This! Month! This month made me realize that I was taking this drawing thing waaay too seriously and that the perfectionist thing should be kicked to the curb. It’s good to be good at something, but if you want to do it for the rest of your life you might as well be happy and have fun with it. Did some watercolor for class and hated it. Slowly figuring out anatomy.

November- Tried watercolor again and realized I loved it. It’s like flat, color ink! Did a few illustrations inspired by Blackenedruby and tried to loosen up a little more while applying stuff learned in anatomy class to illustrations. Drew a ton of Dumb Animals for a class.

December- Favorite month. Found out how much I love doing multiple page illustrations and considering learning typography. Spontaneity is the most useful thing in the world and could kick perfectionism’s butt if you let it. Not trading in muted colors, but realizing a little brightness won’t kill me was a plus. Water color is slowly becoming my best friend, but ink will always be my first love. Professor pointed out  that I was holding the brush pen incorrectly and taught me the proper way to handle it.


And there you have it! 2015 in a nutshell! Can’t wait to see how 2016 goes! Let’s ride this flying pony into the future!


Ghost of Christmas Present


I take my Christmas very seriously.


Fun fact: I’m a sucker for a Christmas Carol. Any version of it, even! All Dogs Christmas Carol, Muppets Christmas Carol, the actual honest to God play. You name it and I’ll watch it! Heck, there was a George of the Jungle Christmas Carol a few years back. Worse take on the story ever, but heck I’d watch it again. It’s a clever story that somehow manages to work for so many things, and one of these days I’ll actually get a chance to read the book in time for the season (yeah not actually reading it is kinda sad).

The ghost of Christmas Present is the best ghost in the story. In most versions the spirit is portrayed as a big jolly fellow who eats and eats and has a grand old time. Christmas Present shows Scrooge around and lets him know that while he’s being a big grump the rest of the world is having fun, making do, or working through their own struggles. Most versions I’ve seen omit the part about Ignorance and Want hiding and clinging on to the spirit.

There’s no real reason why Rosabelle is the ghost and Pi is Scrooge. She’s generally a happy foodie, but she can get ornery. Pi likes Christmas, but he’s not the holly jolly type. They just sorta worked as the characters, so I just went with it. This was a fun illustration, and I totally want to do another one before Friday. Will I get to do it? Ehhhhhh who knows? No reason to say yes or no yet. It might happen or it might not. Don’t wanna count those three French eggs before they hatch! Never the less, Merry Christmas to All, God Bless Us Every One, and remember that all Holiday goodies go on sale the next day!

Stronger, Faster, and can Spell


Jetta has become one of my favorite characters to draw. She’s girly, expressive, happy, and made of really basic shapes. A total weirdo with charisma to spare, she lives inside that happy little Jetta World bubble where everything is a-okay and hunky dory. Seemingly immune to negative vibes and insults, Jetta lives day to day embracing her dorkiness and not caring one way or another what people have to say about it. She’s a huge ham and her own number one fan, because she’s awesome.



Hold Your Head High


Cuz I got carried away with some sketches and I think they look goood! XD

(Despite, you know, the ink shading that was killed by the scanner)

There’s this idea that’s been in my head for a bit and it could either stay in my brain and rot or get slapped onto a piece of paper! Went with the latter. See some people have character theme songs, but I thought it would be cool to give my group of dorks songs revolving around a theme. Individuality and forms of self confidence are cool themes, and it’s cool seeing how different characters interpret these things.

In Jolene (the little cow-pig girl)’s case, she believes that self confidence comes from knowing that you are capable of knowing that you can do something, even when others doubt you. Of course she has to remind herself this. She’s a shy kid, and often needs a kick and a shove to get her out of her shell. Jolene would love to be a little more confident one day a say everything that’s going on in her mind. It’s a long process, and she often has to remind herself that she can do more than she thinks. One day Jolene will become a great a the compassionate conversationalist she was destined to be, helping everyone with the same shyness issue realize their full potential. Her song of choice is Bring it All Back.

Would I like to do more of these? Definitely! Do I wanna splash some paint on this? You bet! Am I going to? Geee I dunno. Only time can tell. Don’t wanna make promises I can’t keep now. Those tend to backfire.


Oh! There’s also this thing going on in the first page. See I really like the idea of incorporating rhythm and music into an image, so I tried experimenting with putting the sheet music into certain parts of the image. It wasn’t planned for, and as a result got unnecessarily complicated. To save a fun idea from becoming a choir, I just kept it on the one page. Totally going to try again on something else, though.

A Bat and a Bible


Book Arts was one of the most fun classes I took this year. There are so many book forms out there, and so many sewing methods. Tiny books are my favorite books to make, so throughout the semester I made tons of those.

The bat up there was for a found cover assignment. He’s holding an accordion fold book, and when you stretch out his arms the book opens up to reveal a starry galaxy.

On the right is a tiny bible. It has four short scriptures in it, and the pages were made to resemble illuminated manuscripts. The pages are made of gampii, and the cover is made of book board covered with vinyl. It got a little frustrating, but the result is nice. It has the feeling of a real bible.

Pink Ink Brooke

Finals coming up and then afterwards I’ll be free to draw festive Cheistmas stuff and post old class work! In the meantime enjoy an old Brooke doodle.

Fun fact: you can clean out ink cartridges and fill them to the top with colorful waterproof ink. Gonna have pink ink for days!