Hold Your Head High


Cuz I got carried away with some sketches and I think they look goood! XD

(Despite, you know, the ink shading that was killed by the scanner)

There’s this idea that’s been in my head for a bit and it could either stay in my brain and rot or get slapped onto a piece of paper! Went with the latter. See some people have character theme songs, but I thought it would be cool to give my group of dorks songs revolving around a theme. Individuality and forms of self confidence are cool themes, and it’s cool seeing how different characters interpret these things.

In Jolene (the little cow-pig girl)’s case, she believes that self confidence comes from knowing that you are capable of knowing that you can do something, even when others doubt you. Of course she has to remind herself this. She’s a shy kid, and often needs a kick and a shove to get her out of her shell. Jolene would love to be a little more confident one day a say everything that’s going on in her mind. It’s a long process, and she often has to remind herself that she can do more than she thinks. One day Jolene will become a great a the compassionate conversationalist she was destined to be, helping everyone with the same shyness issue realize their full potential. Her song of choice is Bring it All Back.

Would I like to do more of these? Definitely! Do I wanna splash some paint on this? You bet! Am I going to? Geee I dunno. Only time can tell. Don’t wanna make promises I can’t keep now. Those tend to backfire.


Oh! There’s also this thing going on in the first page. See I really like the idea of incorporating rhythm and music into an image, so I tried experimenting with putting the sheet music into certain parts of the image. It wasn’t planned for, and as a result got unnecessarily complicated. To save a fun idea from becoming a choir, I just kept it on the one page. Totally going to try again on something else, though.

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