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20 Years and We’re Still Trying to Catch Them All


Pokemon is 20 years old today! Thought it would be cute to draw the two other popular monsters wishing Pikachu a happy anniversary. Jibanyan doesn’t understand these old dudes. He’s probably just there for the cake. Haven’t drawn Pikachu in forever, and I’ve never drawn Agumon or Jibanyan in my life. All things considered they don’t look that bad. Color pencils aren’t my forte, but why not try something new for the occasion? Here’s to more years of trying to catch them all!


(But uh…Nintendo…Toei…you guys should like…really have a Pokemon Digimon crossover…Somehow…please)

Still Alive


Woooo missing updates left right and sideways! Uber sorry about that, all!

I’m taking this watercolor class for school and it’s not going that bad! I kind of like the method that the professor is showing us more than the method I’m accustomed to. Slather an section of the page with water then drip some paint on there. It’s as freeing as it is intricate, and I can dig that. Here’s the very first project from that class. It didn’t come out the way I expected, so it seemed like a good idea to ink out some things to make it look a bit less meh. This semester is turning out to be tons of fun.

Me Talking to Myself. Orignal Poem By Marlyn Exconde


A while ago I asked Marlyn Exconde, who runs an awesome poetry blog called Kintal, if I could make an illustration based on one of her poems. She said yes, and let me pick through a long list. At the time she wrote one called Me Talking To Myself. It’s about searching everywhere except for inside yourself for answers to all of your problems, and personally I think it’s powerful. It’s a nice reminder that we all need once in a while. Sometimes we’re smarter than we think and we have the answers to all of the really big questions. Maybe we don’t have to look at every other source for help that we can give to ourselves. It’s all about self reassurance and self confidence, which are things that can sometimes slip away from us. We just need to reach inside and drag them right back onto the surface.


If you’re not doing so already, please follow Marlyn Exconde’s Kintal. She posts these poems daily, and truth be told they’re therapeutic. There will always be a poem for your needs. Ones to give you that boost, ones to make you feel calm, and ones to make you go “Dang I’m glad I’m alive today!” You’re going to love these well crafted wonders, so go go go and click those links!