Me Talking to Myself. Orignal Poem By Marlyn Exconde


A while ago I asked Marlyn Exconde, who runs an awesome poetry blog called Kintal, if I could make an illustration based on one of her poems. She said yes, and let me pick through a long list. At the time she wrote one called Me Talking To Myself. It’s about searching everywhere except for inside yourself for answers to all of your problems, and personally I think it’s powerful. It’s a nice reminder that we all need once in a while. Sometimes we’re smarter than we think and we have the answers to all of the really big questions. Maybe we don’t have to look at every other source for help that we can give to ourselves. It’s all about self reassurance and self confidence, which are things that can sometimes slip away from us. We just need to reach inside and drag them right back onto the surface.


If you’re not doing so already, please follow Marlyn Exconde’s Kintal. She posts these poems daily, and truth be told they’re therapeutic. There will always be a poem for your needs. Ones to give you that boost, ones to make you feel calm, and ones to make you go “Dang I’m glad I’m alive today!” You’re going to love these well crafted wonders, so go go go and click those links!


3 thoughts on “Me Talking to Myself. Orignal Poem By Marlyn Exconde

  1. love it. the honor is mine, thank you very much for choosing my words at kintal. you’ve no idea how much you made me happy i’m proud of you and your work. congratulations, well done.

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