Living in a Man’s World

LoidsofRockandRoll 002

Confession: The idea of a cutesy Chipmunk Vocaloid mashup makes me happier than it should and I’ve had this AU in my head for years now. Nana Haruka as Brittney, Yuki Kaii as Jeanette, Ai Tsukuyomi as Eleanor. Kind of overworked the background (as par the norm. Gawsh), but I’m not unhappy with the designs of the girls. The sad thing? I’m probably going to draw this AU again :1



Sketch Dump 3

I traded in a Gravity Falls reference for a shoe meme for the last tagline and I feel all of the regret


More sketches! Wooo!

  1. Forgot there was another sketch from the challenge! At the time this looked so cool and deserving of ink that I quickly slapped some on there afterwards. Haven’t given this bro a name, but he’s a shape shifting bendy monster bro, surprising less of a slimeball than he looks here, and the perfect fit for What is Jazz
  2. Brooke. Just…Brooke…One day I figure out how to draw her…
  3. An rp char from a few months ago. She had a faceclaim but when you recycle characters for everything someone else’s work doesn’t cut it and you come up with your own. Her name is Molly. She’s a pitiful creature with no self esteem, a squeaky voice, and like, zero trust in other people.  Aged her up since I doubt she’ll be in other rps (but you never know)
  4. Jetta and Cleo shopping for cool girly stuff. I guess they’re in a Limited Too? I think Limited Too was the only place that had those inflatable chairs with the flower prints. Inflatable furniture is completely impractical, and you know that as soon as you set a pencil down or sit too close to a heater they’re gonna go poof, but come on! You know you wanted them!
  5. Jetta found your Phone and is now playing all your games
  6. Nahele. There’s actually more Nahele stuff but that’s for another dump. I love his needle nose
  7. Princess Jetta. Her first order is that you get her a better dress.
  8. Divinity sketches and a reference drawing of a real person. I love Divi. She’s got a really bubbly personality, but I never draw her 😛
  9. Old concept sketches of Jetta. Was trying to make her more squirrelly and less catlike like the old doodles, and realized that her hair looked good a little scruffy
  10. …I got a friend who likes sword people…there’s a sword man that looks like a cat…that is all
  11. Moar Jetta! This time in PJS
  12. Jetta judges. She’s influenced tons by nostalgia and childhood and stuff, so a lot of her outfits are based off of Limited Too wear (which had tons of monkeys and chihuahuas on it, and fast food puns at one time. Was there a frog theme? Meh. Who knows)
  13. School uniform concept based on ones we wore as kids. Also She discovered manga. Lord save us all

20 Years and We’re Still Trying to Catch Them All


Pokemon is 20 years old today! Thought it would be cute to draw the two other popular monsters wishing Pikachu a happy anniversary. Jibanyan doesn’t understand these old dudes. He’s probably just there for the cake. Haven’t drawn Pikachu in forever, and I’ve never drawn Agumon or Jibanyan in my life. All things considered they don’t look that bad. Color pencils aren’t my forte, but why not try something new for the occasion? Here’s to more years of trying to catch them all!


(But uh…Nintendo…Toei…you guys should like…really have a Pokemon Digimon crossover…Somehow…please)

Alice Francis


Today I tried to draw the most fabulous singer in existence. I did her no justice.

Let it Go Already!


Sometimes I think Animaniacs came out at the wrong time.Can you imagine the kind of material they’d have to work with nowadays? Celebrity diva wars, Youtube stars, Disney movies that overstayed their welcome. Man oh man does this show need a comeback. Enjoy a pretty meh attempt at Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca Elsa the third.







When Wreck-it Ralph first came out everyone and there grandmother wanted to make a Sugar Rush racer. My racer was a popcorn themed version of myself (which doesn’t really fit in with the sweets theme.) Enjoy a quick, messy, fun redraw of this thing.

Man do I need to watch that movie again. I should just go on a Disney Movie spree.

Aaaaand I don’t mean to be that one person, but it would me a lot to me if you could cast a vote here. Thank you!

Intergalatic Southern Belle

That title is more interesting than the picture itself!

Retro Venus is a Southern Belle.

Southern Belles are the only things that can match Venus’s girlishness.

If you stop drawing for a few days you’ll forget how to draw. Your brain tells you to make cool art and your arm wants to, but it doesn’t know how. Isn’t that lovely?

Trying to get back into the swing of things with some Retro Scouts practice. It’s not bad, but the legs and hips bother me to no end. Either way, enjoy Venus in all of her girly glory.


"Golly! Nintendo gave me my own theme???"

“Golly! Nintendo gave me my own theme???”

A quick Slowpoke sketch. Bluehobbes had a post about some neat Nintendo news, and part of it was about Slowpoke getting its own Nintendo 3DS theme. The world is complete.

Slowpoke has been growing on me recently, what with its awesome new mega evolution and its catchy reggae jam (both are on Bluehobbes’s blog. You should seriously check his blog out right now. It has tons of awesome Pokemon information!). Now if only they could release a normal eveelution…