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Barbados and Snark

BarbadosMelvina 001 copy


Can’t find my tablet pen so sloppy colored doodles for the win!


I haven’t drawn this precious baby since she was a Digimon fancharacter! West Indian Day parade was today so I wanted to draw a char that corresponds with my heritage and Melvina is legit from Barbados so here she is in all her glory.


Legos and Billy Joel

…Have absolutely nothing to do with this post.

…albeit I do like legos…

…and I really didn’t start the fire…

…it was always burning since the world’s been turning.

I present to you three sketches.

The first one is just a girl who was supposed to look like an anime girl. I used to be good at drawing that anime stuff…

The last two are work in progress pictures.

I really have to fix that second picture. Eddisha looks too bulky. Also, her neck should be shorter. Perhaps I’ll redraw it? Hmmm…no.

If all goes as planned, I might get that genie comic up before this month ends. (None of my projects go as planned. If it’s up by the end of the month more power to me.)

Obligatory comment about the third picture Oh hey! Another Digimon comic! I’m not obsessed with Digimon at all!



…It’s still rock and roll to me…

Hasta luego.