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Tea and Mochi

Into the Moon

You get it? Because Alice in Wonderland has tea and Rabbit in the moon makes mochi.

Yeah that was a lame title…

Experimenting with everything here. Trying to go for an inkwash feel on one side and a wood cut print feel on the other. There are things that work in this and things that don’t. The lake and the blue bunny are my favorite parts of this, actually. The colors came out well. Honestly I’d like some feed back on this, since big projects like this aren’t exactly common for me.

Also I’d like to imagine that his watch thing is suspended in midair and just swaying like a pendulum.


First Post of the Year!

And it only took a month and a half!


My first ever lip sync animation!

Yes, I am back. I don’t have much to report other than the fact that my Birthday was two weeks ago. I’ve been very busy lately (aren’t you tired of hearing that?), but don’t worry. I have not forgotten the site or any of you guys. Hopefully I’ll be able to find time for doodles and comics. Disappointing you guys would make me sad. Anyway, that is all I have to say.


Good night~