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Commissions: Still Three Spots Left





Howdy there! If you follow this blog, it is safe to assume that you enjoy the content posted. Thank you kindly! It is also to be assumed that you may be aware of the recent commissions listing that was posted. Excellent! I must say this is going better than my last attempts at commissions, and believe me I am truly grateful. It’s a huge help to me, and I am honored that people like my work enough to buy it.


This is just a brief reminder that commissions are still up and running, and there are still three spots left. The money helps me afford things necessary to life, which include food, school related things, and art supplies, which is the most important material to this site. It is okay if you are not personally interested in purchasing an illustration at this time. However, doing something as small as sharing this post with others to help me get the word out is a huge benefit.


More information can be found here


Thank you for all of your support!


Status Update: 1 Commission So Far!

Howdy all! No illustration update today, but I wanted to let you know that recently I was able to finish my first paid commission. This is a huge milestone for me since honestly I’ve never gotten more than two bucks for something (Woo embarrassing facts!) That’s a good start if there ever was one! Go click on the Commission Wishin Page up there for more information about really, really cheap illustrations. There are four slots left, so help a girl out! Share with your friends, message me if interested, and reblog! Thankies!

comission chart

Commissions are Open!


comission chart

Howdy everyone! As many of you know, college life can be a bit expensive, what with all the textbooks and art supplies and broken phones and what have you. It’s not easy, so in an attempt to lessen the load while doing something I truly enjoy, I decided to try to open up ink commissions and see what happens. The basic rules are listed in the Google Doc link below, so if you are interested please read those rules over. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me at SorrelBird1 (at) Gmail.com. Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful weekend!




Commission form (Please read the rules above thoroughly before submitting the form)




Embarrassed to Ask. Is anyone interested in $1.00 Commissions?

Really not the kind of thing I wanted to bring up again. The plan was to hold off on this question until years from now when my work is worth the money. But life is kind of weird. It has a way of flipping your plans over no matter how embarrassing it may be to ask questions like this. I decided to do this thing right this time and actually ask if anyone is actually interested in this.


Boy am I gonna regret this in a few days…

So you see, I don’t really like putting all of my personal information and the like on this site. Nothing personal (because really I love you guys!) It’s just the way I was raised. I really don’t want to go into a big sob story or overly dramatic tale of “bawwwws” or “wahhhs,” so I’ll try to keep it as brief I possibly can. Things are rough here nowadays, and there’s nothing like an empty wallet full of moths to really drive that point home. Transportation is expensive, school is expensive, food is expensive, clothes, art supplies, vet visits, etc, etc, etc. I mean I really don’t have to tell anyone here that. You’re living in the world, so you get it. Anyway, I’m probably going about this all wrong again, but I just want to know if anyone is or is not interested in this before diving headfirst. Anywho, really sorry for posting this kind of thing. I’ll go back to your regularly scheduled sketches later on today. Thank you for your time.


I swear the more of these terms I use the more dated the posts will become.

Fat chance if that'll stop me from using them

Fat chance if that will stop me from using them

Decided to make some examples for my commissions page. I was thinking of using this drawing, but I’m not really sure about it now. The sketch isn’t even done, to be honest. I still need to add Cynder’s wings and make the sketch look nice and clean. There’s a chance that one of the pictures from the previous post will be used instead, or I might make another picture altogether. Either way I’m still happy with the way this particular sketch is going, especially considering the last time I drew these two they came out looking like some sick abominations.

And that’s all I have to say today. Like I said I’m still doing commissions, so if you are interested please let me know.  Thank you, and good night.

Cynder and Ember (c) Sony Computer Entertainment, Insomniac Games, and Activision

Also, the thing next to the long tag in the corner there is a smiley face, and the thing near Ember’s wings is tape. I need the tape to prevent the pages of the book from moving when I try to take a picture of them. If anyone has advice on how to photograph sketch pages, please let me know.