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Goof Suits


Just keeping things alive. This was an entry for the Mabinogi outfit contest. Mabinogi is a really fun MMORPG with a lot of freedom. You should play it if you haven’t!

More interesting things coming soon!


Tea and Mochi

Into the Moon

You get it? Because Alice in Wonderland has tea and Rabbit in the moon makes mochi.

Yeah that was a lame title…

Experimenting with everything here. Trying to go for an inkwash feel on one side and a wood cut print feel on the other. There are things that work in this and things that don’t. The lake and the blue bunny are my favorite parts of this, actually. The colors came out well. Honestly I’d like some feed back on this, since big projects like this aren’t exactly common for me.

Also I’d like to imagine that his watch thing is suspended in midair and just swaying like a pendulum.

Embarrassed to Ask. Is anyone interested in $1.00 Commissions?

Really not the kind of thing I wanted to bring up again. The plan was to hold off on this question until years from now when my work is worth the money. But life is kind of weird. It has a way of flipping your plans over no matter how embarrassing it may be to ask questions like this. I decided to do this thing right this time and actually ask if anyone is actually interested in this.


Boy am I gonna regret this in a few days…

So you see, I don’t really like putting all of my personal information and the like on this site. Nothing personal (because really I love you guys!) It’s just the way I was raised. I really don’t want to go into a big sob story or overly dramatic tale of “bawwwws” or “wahhhs,” so I’ll try to keep it as brief I possibly can. Things are rough here nowadays, and there’s nothing like an empty wallet full of moths to really drive that point home. Transportation is expensive, school is expensive, food is expensive, clothes, art supplies, vet visits, etc, etc, etc. I mean I really don’t have to tell anyone here that. You’re living in the world, so you get it. Anyway, I’m probably going about this all wrong again, but I just want to know if anyone is or is not interested in this before diving headfirst. Anywho, really sorry for posting this kind of thing. I’ll go back to your regularly scheduled sketches later on today. Thank you for your time.

This is a Test of the Emergency Sorrel System

Had this been a real emergency Sorrel would not have used such a silly title.

Brooke copy

Someone was nice enough to point out that I was taking pictures of my sketchbook the wrong way. Another was nice enough to tell me how to do it. My professor was nice enough to show the entire class how to properly color in photoshop. I was nice enough to…well actually I can’t think of anything. I just really wanted to keep the flow going.


So I tried to test all these methods out on this test sketch thing. Other than her-stiff-as-all-Hades legs I’d say this was a success. The colors came out nicely, and the left hand actually looks like a hand this time! The outfit was my friend’s idea. She’s great at coming up with outfits.


Anywho, enjoy this thing. : >



Just a work in progress. Zach has shorter hair, Eddie looks really tall, and Mu is a giant. All is right with the world.

So yeah… I just decided to share an unfinished picture with you guys.  Aim for perspective and fail miserably. That’s the rule, I guess…

Fun facts:

  1. Mufidy is tall for his age. Dog gargoyles are usually as tall as Eddie.
  2. Vermie is as tall as most young beckoning cats.
  3. I’m not listing this as a doodle until it’s finished.
  4. You should listen to this. It’s the manliest voice ever to be recorded.


Ps: Happy anniversary. Happy anniversary to everything. Sheesh. Everything and its grandmother are celebrating anniversaries this year.

And then irony hit me like a ton of bricks!

My scanner stopped working. Until the problem is solved, play some Angry Birds and drink some sorrel while angry bird Sorrel refuses to enjoy the digital sketch… Did that make any sense?

Man, I hate having to sketch using the computer. It’s really irritating.

Well, I had two new sketches to show you. As luck would have it, as soon as I’m ready to scan, boom! The scanner stops working.  You see, this particular device has diva tantrums. One  moment it’s printing and scanning and making life easy. The next minute it goes on strike when I need to do something important.

Depending on how things go, I may or may not have my sketches posted by the end of this week. Just hope for the best.

…Also, does anyone still use Oekaki, or is it a thing of the past?

Digimon, Digimon Everywhere

Meet Pete

Page one of a Digimon Fancomic. I promise you, I will get back to posting things that are not Digimon related.

Well, this is nice. I’m finally getting around to drawing comics. I guess I can do this!

I promise you that this site will not only contain a Digimon Fancomic. There will be plenty of original, nonfandom-based things. Trust me. I’m already working on them. Just wait until the Summer.

I also updated the comic page.

I also want to take this moment to give credit where credit is due:

Circuit pattern came from this site

What is..well you know the drill…

A stout sugar glider Digimon in a business suit. Your argument is not invalid. Your entire thought process is.

You know how I’ve been asking “what is this?” on every Digimon related post? Well, here is some of what ever it is I am doing. It’s a work in progress comic page(For the love of all things holy just look at that right arm. It is hideous).

Don’t worry. Digimon is not overpowering the site. This is only one of the comics I plan to start this summer. The other one(s) have nothing to do with fandoms. You may now return to your regularly scheduled internet usage.