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Alive and Busy


Super duper busy

Have Delmonte and some dumb animal people to pass the time.

Whoever gave Pi and Monroe that cd is a dead man.


Heyo Tammy Joe!


Just Tammy Joe. You remember her? The monster hunter forever at war with words with a harpy? Good times.

Gonna change her occupation and lineage eventually but for now enjoy a greaser bab.

Barbados and Snark

BarbadosMelvina 001 copy


Can’t find my tablet pen so sloppy colored doodles for the win!


I haven’t drawn this precious baby since she was a Digimon fancharacter! West Indian Day parade was today so I wanted to draw a char that corresponds with my heritage and Melvina is legit from Barbados so here she is in all her glory.


She’s Smart and Funny and Pretty Beautiful

I like music when I draw 😛

There’s a thing on Twitter caled #CutieSaturday where you draw a really cute girl for the hashtags. Brooke, Liz, and Molly are cute, so yeah :1

Man I need to catch up on all the WordPress reader post. I’ve neglected this site! D”:

Give Me a Ryhme so I Can Boogaloo

Blue ink scans as purple…interesting :1

Cute princess costumes are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to draw.

Also I have a list of things to draw for the summer to teach me how to stick with ideas and see personal projects through to completion. Jetta and her buds as princesses was on the list. It was supposed to be some kind of AU where they’re all fluffy Disney princess things but then Junior Senior was playing and all their songs are earworms and it’s against the law to listen to Itch U Can’t Scratch without incorporating it into whatever you’re doing so…Birthday parties just sort of happened :1

Skittle Cookies


Wooo haven’t updated in a dogs age! Sorry about the sloppiness. I had to get this quick doodle out of my system XD. Hopefully there will be time to make actual snazzy drawings since Easter break is coming up. In the meantime, stare at the madness that is Pi and be happy that you’ve only ever eaten raisin cookies XD

Pink Ink Brooke

Finals coming up and then afterwards I’ll be free to draw festive Cheistmas stuff and post old class work! In the meantime enjoy an old Brooke doodle.

Fun fact: you can clean out ink cartridges and fill them to the top with colorful waterproof ink. Gonna have pink ink for days!


Einstein 001

I found a random idea generator online, and it said to draw Albert Einstein with animal mutations. Giraffe Einstein is a genius among giraffes.

Since updating everyday isn’t really working out, and because quality is better than quantity (and I really need better quality), I’m cutting the update schedule to once a week on Wednesday mornings. This way I’ll have more time to show you things that aren’t just hazy photos of floating heads. There will be more time to scan and clean, and maybe some time to color now and then. The goal is to reach a point where the work is actually worthy to be looked at.

Now from September to December things might get a little weird because of school. I’ll still try to upload pictures of school projects, but personal stuff for here might end up taking a backseat. Education comes first.

Any who, thanks for listening to this long winded update post. See you Wednesday!

Just Cruisin’ Through


Weekend update to let you know that I’m going on a two week hiatus and will return with a new update schedule. Trying to update every day was a horrible, terrible idea that resulted in missed days, shoddy work, and brain farts of epic proportions/ doesn’t even happen anymore is way too much to handle at this point in time. An easier schedule will result in work that isn’t so…yyyeah…

Anywho, see you all in a couple of weeks.