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Living in a Man’s World

LoidsofRockandRoll 002

Confession: The idea of a cutesy Chipmunk Vocaloid mashup makes me happier than it should and I’ve had this AU in my head for years now. Nana Haruka as Brittney, Yuki Kaii as Jeanette, Ai Tsukuyomi as Eleanor. Kind of overworked the background (as par the norm. Gawsh), but I’m not unhappy with the designs of the girls. The sad thing? I’m probably going to draw this AU again :1



20 Years and We’re Still Trying to Catch Them All


Pokemon is 20 years old today! Thought it would be cute to draw the two other popular monsters wishing Pikachu a happy anniversary. Jibanyan doesn’t understand these old dudes. He’s probably just there for the cake. Haven’t drawn Pikachu in forever, and I’ve never drawn Agumon or Jibanyan in my life. All things considered they don’t look that bad. Color pencils aren’t my forte, but why not try something new for the occasion? Here’s to more years of trying to catch them all!


(But uh…Nintendo…Toei…you guys should like…really have a Pokemon Digimon crossover…Somehow…please)


EDIT: Slightly nicer colored version


NewAgeRetroGardevoir2 copy

A friend and I were talking about giving fan favorite Pokemon ‘frumpy’ (for lack of a better term) gijinkas. Here’s a Gardevoir. She’s kind of a new age retro hippie with a love for crystals and the supernatural.

PS: Seriously though. If you can think of a better word than frumpy, please let me know.

This is the part where I say something witty

This is the part where I say something in direct relation to the title.


This is Vermie. She’s very, very shy.


This was a gift for PandaJenn. Her Birthday was weeks ago.

Did you miss me? I missed you. I even have some shiny new pictures for you.

The little kitten up there is Vermie, a character for a story I’m working on. She’s currently the shyest and cutest kitty character I’ve ever created. “Line size 7” means that I forget the size of the brush I use to sketch and that I have to write a reminder at the side. The anatomy is all over the place, but I still like how this looks.

In other news, PandaJenn‘s Birthday was a couple of weeks ago. I never got a chance to post this. Here’s an interesting tidbit for you: Pandas are fun to draw, but happy pandas are even more fun. Please check out her comic. It’s awesome.


Anyway, in case you have not noticed, I’m updating even less than usual. I have so much work to do that I haven’t really gotten a chance to pay attention to the site. I’m sorry everyone. I’ll try to show you something cool every now and then. Hopefully everything will be better next month.