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I Thought About What I Wanted

And This was on My List

Edit: Broke it up into pieces because the insanity couldn’t be seen properly




It was at that moment in time

When I drew an Orc sprite and a Harpy trying to dance the hula to Brand New

When I looked at different grass skirts

When I drew a skunk with a wrench on her head

When I scanned and pasted these four (count ’em, four!) separate pieces of paper

That I realized my to draw list made no type of sense

And that this concept is utter nonsense

And that Nahele’s hair looks Sonic Nintendo as all heck


It is 9:06 AM.

I’m going to bed



Sketch Dump 3

I traded in a Gravity Falls reference for a shoe meme for the last tagline and I feel all of the regret


More sketches! Wooo!

  1. Forgot there was another sketch from the challenge! At the time this looked so cool and deserving of ink that I quickly slapped some on there afterwards. Haven’t given this bro a name, but he’s a shape shifting bendy monster bro, surprising less of a slimeball than he looks here, and the perfect fit for What is Jazz
  2. Brooke. Just…Brooke…One day I figure out how to draw her…
  3. An rp char from a few months ago. She had a faceclaim but when you recycle characters for everything someone else’s work doesn’t cut it and you come up with your own. Her name is Molly. She’s a pitiful creature with no self esteem, a squeaky voice, and like, zero trust in other people.  Aged her up since I doubt she’ll be in other rps (but you never know)
  4. Jetta and Cleo shopping for cool girly stuff. I guess they’re in a Limited Too? I think Limited Too was the only place that had those inflatable chairs with the flower prints. Inflatable furniture is completely impractical, and you know that as soon as you set a pencil down or sit too close to a heater they’re gonna go poof, but come on! You know you wanted them!
  5. Jetta found your Phone and is now playing all your games
  6. Nahele. There’s actually more Nahele stuff but that’s for another dump. I love his needle nose
  7. Princess Jetta. Her first order is that you get her a better dress.
  8. Divinity sketches and a reference drawing of a real person. I love Divi. She’s got a really bubbly personality, but I never draw her 😛
  9. Old concept sketches of Jetta. Was trying to make her more squirrelly and less catlike like the old doodles, and realized that her hair looked good a little scruffy
  10. …I got a friend who likes sword people…there’s a sword man that looks like a cat…that is all
  11. Moar Jetta! This time in PJS
  12. Jetta judges. She’s influenced tons by nostalgia and childhood and stuff, so a lot of her outfits are based off of Limited Too wear (which had tons of monkeys and chihuahuas on it, and fast food puns at one time. Was there a frog theme? Meh. Who knows)
  13. School uniform concept based on ones we wore as kids. Also She discovered manga. Lord save us all


Dang Daniel! Back at it again with the sketches!


I draw Brooke a lot. If you don’t draw Brooke a lot, you forget how to draw Brooke, and her face gets so out of proportion that you try to erase it with a brush pen and that makes things worse 😛

Nahele sketches before Nahele became Nahele and there’s gonna be a mini flood of Naheleness eventually. He’s an orc…fairy…sprite…thing…He hangs with Brooke and somehow hasn’t gotten on her nerves :1

The rest are the only drawings I liked from the music challenge (put your playlist on shuffle and try to draw an image within the time of each song. No skipping, no restarting. It’s a real work out I tell you!). You’re supposed to do ten, but I did thirteen and of that amount only these few came out well.

Monroe gets Pompeii

Rosabelle gets Three Second Memory

Pi gets Sorry (Also known as that song where somebody went crazy with the sound effects)

Delmonte gets Applause

Jetta gets Walking on Broken Glass

The challenge is tons of fun. You should totally so it when you get the chance.

SketchDump 1


Decided to upload a few sketch dumps here because I have tons of sketchbook doodles that aren’t pretty enough to be on their own XD

Brooke is kinda…Rude…and mean…and Tammy somehow manages to keep Brooke in line so they don’t both walk away with broken arms :1

Tammy and Liz don’t like each other much, probably because Liz comes from a line of slightly arrogant purebred harpies and Tammy’s entire family are monster hunters.

Delmonte (armless bro) likes insulting people in the politest way possible. He’s both a jerk and a gentlemen.

I’ve got one more to go because sketchdumps!!! XD

Smart Dog People and Adorable Monster Guy



So there are these two awesome blogs that you should look at…

Rija Yoo is an artist who makes some of the coolest, wildest computer illustrations I’ve ever seen. You’ll find tons of line less work featuring unique, colorful characters with these really creative designs. One of my favorite characters is this adorable monster guy . I couldn’t help but draw it for myself. Seriously. I love that thing.

Bubba and Fling, on the other hand, is an adorable blog about the life of two Australian Shepherd dogs. They spend their time goofing around, loving life, and just being plain cute! They’re sure to brighten up your day with their immense fluffiness.

Thank you both!

Last Semester’s Final



Accidentally went to sleep before  posting yesterday, so here’s a big pic to make up for that. I might post something else later on, too.

This was an assignment for a class last semester. We had to draw five versions of ourselves interacting in an environment. I decided to make myself a giant movie monster for this. It was fun, but not really something I’d want to do for fun.




There is a rant right under this text. If you don’t want to listen to me complain while waving my cane in the air, then please skip to the next set of bold text.

I hate to be that one person on the internet who has to come and spoil everyone’s fun, but I just had to do it. If you like browsing through Tumblr, Deviantart, and whatever the cool kids use these days, then you’ve probably seen those edgy pastel pictures floating around and spreading like wildfire. You know the pictures that I’m talking about. “Creepy” things in pastel colors with the “shocking” phrases? Yeah I hate those. It’s one of those try-too-hard trends where everyone thinks they’re being shocking and ironic by posting the same types of things over and over. It just feels like a brighter version of the those emo art pics that used to float around on the internet. I know that all of the artists who use this style work hard on it, and I’m proud of them for finding a style that they like. Sometimes, I actually admire their digital painting skills. I mean, look at that mess up there. I’m positive that most of those guys could have done much better than that pile of trash. I have seen artists who can balance things out and avoid making a big pot of “nonconformist” soup . At the same time, however, I’m just waiting for it to end. I give it a few more months before it goes the way of the way of all the other “edgy” art trends. I wonder what will take its place?

And if you like the trend, I’m completely okay with that. Keep on pasteling on if that’s what makes you happy.

Rant over.
If anyone finds this too creepy I will gladly take it down. I’m also thinking of turning Edgy McGoopington up there into a nice yellow komodo dragon who likes to serve tea to its owner. Does that sound better?

Also, do I rant a lot? I feel like I do.

When the Crypt Doors Creak and the Tombstones Quake

Spooks Come Out for a Screaming Wake

Ookie Spookie

Ookie Spookie

This was a fun experiment. Not only did I get to practice some of that perspective thing (which wasn’t really necessary for this), but I got to test out a shading style and play around with colors! Speaking of which, I tried to stick to blues, oranges, and green for the palette. The orange was supposed to pop against the blue without making it look like an eyesore like the old pages of my fancomic (those colors could blind you!) Overall, I like how this turned out. Pumpkin Kid over here is fun to draw, so who knows? I might draw him again in the future!

Get Your Ghosties On!

You know what’s funny? I don’t celebrate Halloween, but I have the urge to draw all of this spooky stuff.

~Ooooh~ ~Spoooooky~

~Ooooh~ ~Spoooooky~

I was gonna upload this on October 1st, but I didn’t want to wait anymore. You might get a colored version of this on Friday. I’m actually trying to keep these art promises now, so hooray for progress! See, he even has the pointy gap teeth that I said I’d draw on a character one day!


Jackob is a self proclaimed genius and king of Halloween. He thinks he is the most powerful of all of  the monsters, but he is in fact one of the weakest. It’s to be expected, really. He’s just a humanoid pumpkin thing whose special scary skill is to grow jack-o-lanterns from his fingers. Jackob is stuck with that lame power until he withers up, but he’s happy with it. I mean, no other monster can do that. That makes him the best monster ever, and don’t try to tell him otherwise. He spends most of his time hanging out with his best friend, who is a little ghost girl. The two spend hours playing games and trying (and failing) to be scary.

Repeat after me: I will not post things early in the morning

Edit: I did not like that old title. I had to change it. Sorry for the false update.

…So let me get this straight. I can draw hands decently when I’m half asleep, but my hand writing becomes illegible? What a world…

“Oh come on! Admit it! I look adorable!” Sure, sweetie. What ever makes you happy.

Did you ever get the urge to draw Fifi LeFume dressed as Abby Bominable? No? Wow.

You know what they say about 3 AM ideas, don’t you? They are always the weird ones. I don’t even like Monster High. (Albeit some monster designs are nice. I also admire anyone who customizes a Monster High doll. They always make swanky creatures.)

Fifi was always my favorite Tiny Toon. She was adorable and girly. I always imagined she collected dolls.

I apologize for all of this nonsense. I’m still a bit sleepy.

Good night…Good morning…

Abby Bominable

Fifi LeFume