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Still Alive!

mollytestJust busy busy busy!

Trying to decide on a color palette for Molly but can’t decide. She’s a sad shrinking violet who spent most of her childhood as a quiet people pleaser and now tries avoiding others due to her massive trust issues. Kinda leaning towards green because of that but if you have an opinion throw it at my face


Colorful Palette Spree!

I interrupt these posts to bring you some really neat websites:




http://design-seeds.com/index.php/search (Psst! My friend showed me this one!)

It can help you make a really nifty palette, so all of you artists out there should look at it right now. If you aren’t an artist, look at it anyway! You get to play with colors! Never miss an the opportunity to play with colors!

I even made a palette using my dog’s colors!  CodyBeans copy Fun times!