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I Thought About What I Wanted

And This was on My List

Edit: Broke it up into pieces because the insanity couldn’t be seen properly




It was at that moment in time

When I drew an Orc sprite and a Harpy trying to dance the hula to Brand New

When I looked at different grass skirts

When I drew a skunk with a wrench on her head

When I scanned and pasted these four (count ’em, four!) separate pieces of paper

That I realized my to draw list made no type of sense

And that this concept is utter nonsense

And that Nahele’s hair looks Sonic Nintendo as all heck


It is 9:06 AM.

I’m going to bed



How Will I Know

That this song is actually a little annoying

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Not that I hate it of course but yikes don’t play it more than three times in a row


Got another one off the oddly specific list of oddly specific things. Rosy and Pi 80s dancing to How Will I know and honestly? Rosy can not dance to save her life (I can relate). Fun challenge, but after a while I got bored and it felt like a chore 😛

Accidentally signed a page twice. Whoops


Ghost of Christmas Present


I take my Christmas very seriously.


Fun fact: I’m a sucker for a Christmas Carol. Any version of it, even! All Dogs Christmas Carol, Muppets Christmas Carol, the actual honest to God play. You name it and I’ll watch it! Heck, there was a George of the Jungle Christmas Carol a few years back. Worse take on the story ever, but heck I’d watch it again. It’s a clever story that somehow manages to work for so many things, and one of these days I’ll actually get a chance to read the book in time for the season (yeah not actually reading it is kinda sad).

The ghost of Christmas Present is the best ghost in the story. In most versions the spirit is portrayed as a big jolly fellow who eats and eats and has a grand old time. Christmas Present shows Scrooge around and lets him know that while he’s being a big grump the rest of the world is having fun, making do, or working through their own struggles. Most versions I’ve seen omit the part about Ignorance and Want hiding and clinging on to the spirit.

There’s no real reason why Rosabelle is the ghost and Pi is Scrooge. She’s generally a happy foodie, but she can get ornery. Pi likes Christmas, but he’s not the holly jolly type. They just sorta worked as the characters, so I just went with it. This was a fun illustration, and I totally want to do another one before Friday. Will I get to do it? Ehhhhhh who knows? No reason to say yes or no yet. It might happen or it might not. Don’t wanna count those three French eggs before they hatch! Never the less, Merry Christmas to All, God Bless Us Every One, and remember that all Holiday goodies go on sale the next day!