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Living in a Man’s World

LoidsofRockandRoll 002

Confession: The idea of a cutesy Chipmunk Vocaloid mashup makes me happier than it should and I’ve had this AU in my head for years now. Nana Haruka as Brittney, Yuki Kaii as Jeanette, Ai Tsukuyomi as Eleanor. Kind of overworked the background (as par the norm. Gawsh), but I’m not unhappy with the designs of the girls. The sad thing? I’m probably going to draw this AU again :1



Hey it’s that girl!

She’s dancing to “When I Grow Up,” in case you were wondering.

Hi everyone. Sorry about the lack of updates. I’ve been very busy.

Anyway, this is Nana Macne the Macloid/ Utauloid.  She sings in a cute voice. I like the Vocaloid/ Utau fandom. Everyone is so cool and talented. Kudos to all Vocaloid/ Utau users. You guys are extremely awesome.

I’m proud of this picture. It’s my first fully digital drawing. No pencils. No paper. Just Photoshop. My cousin helped me to properly set up my wacom (I was using it wrong all this time. Who knew.) I played with the lineart style a little. I’m not crazy about it. It looks makes the drawing look like clipart.

I’m working on page 3 of Digimon Emergency. Sorry its taking so long.


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