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I Thought About What I Wanted

And This was on My List

Edit: Broke it up into pieces because the insanity couldn’t be seen properly




It was at that moment in time

When I drew an Orc sprite and a Harpy trying to dance the hula to Brand New

When I looked at different grass skirts

When I drew a skunk with a wrench on her head

When I scanned and pasted these four (count ’em, four!) separate pieces of paper

That I realized my to draw list made no type of sense

And that this concept is utter nonsense

And that Nahele’s hair looks Sonic Nintendo as all heck


It is 9:06 AM.

I’m going to bed



Back like Back Street Boys

(Pfft. Like I know the difference between them and N Sync)

Obligatory crossover!

Obligatory crossover!


Howdy all! Guess who kinda sorta back and most definitely doing work in college? This birdie right here!


I felt like playing around in Photoshop. I had this idea to make Palmon a pokemon trainer in my head for a while, and I really wanted to try that whole lineless style thing. Somehow, that led to playing with textures, which led to this mess right here. Her dress is an odd version of the Heart Gold/ Soul Silver female protagonist, and her bag is a cross between the Black/ White and X/Y trainer girls. I really want that bag.


Yeah…I really don’t like blabbidy blabbing about my life, but yeah! College is important, so there’s going to be some changes around here. First of all, I won’t be updating a lot (Pfft! What else is new? yao-ming-face-meme). This work is going to eat my face off in the long run, and I don’t want to miss or fail anything because I just had to post something. Second of all, Digimon Emergency and all of my other projects are going to take a back seat until I can determine a schedule that will let me pass my classes, draw, update, and get a good nights sleep all at the same time.


In a nutshell, see you all eventually! :1


Good night, mon petite monstres!


Palmon (c) Toei, Bandai, Saban, Akiyoshi Hongo

Pokemon (c) Nintendo, Game Freak, and Satoshi Tajiri

References: Palmon 1 and 2, and Pokemon trainers.

Textures: Leather, denim, and paper






Pfft. I’m so tired. There are probably like a million grammar and spelling errors in this. I am so sorry for that.