I Bet You’re Sour!


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Finished an illustration project for school. The goal was to illustrate two scenes from a children’s story. I picked The Fox and the Grapes, and though it could use some fine tuning, it didn’t turn out too badly. Oh you should have seen the others, though. This one girl illustrated the Persephone and Hades story. It turned out beautifully, man!

Who’s in Rabbit’s House


Class assignment. We had to depict a seen from a story, so I went with Who’s in Rabbit’s House. It was my favorite tale as a kid.

The tension between the snake fangs and the caterpillar is straight up dead. You know I thought it died because the outline got too thick during the inking process, but looking at it now it’s easy to tell that it was doomed from the get go. Other than that I don’t hate how this looks. Would totally do hatching again. It adds personality to things.