Status Update: 1 Commission So Far!

Howdy all! No illustration update today, but I wanted to let you know that recently I was able to finish my first paid commission. This is a huge milestone for me since honestly I’ve never gotten more than two bucks for something (Woo embarrassing facts!) That’s a good start if there ever was one! Go click on the Commission Wishin Page up there for more information about really, really cheap illustrations. There are four slots left, so help a girl out! Share with your friends, message me if interested, and reblog! Thankies!

comission chart

Commissions are Open!


comission chart

Howdy everyone! As many of you know, college life can be a bit expensive, what with all the textbooks and art supplies and broken phones and what have you. It’s not easy, so in an attempt to lessen the load while doing something I truly enjoy, I decided to try to open up ink commissions and see what happens. The basic rules are listed in the Google Doc link below, so if you are interested please read those rules over. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me at SorrelBird1 (at) Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful weekend!



Commission form (Please read the rules above thoroughly before submitting the form)



TFW Your School has a Huge Scanner


And your ink skills are getting better


And you don’t care if some ink was killed because you’ve got Photoshop at home to fix things with


And you’re tired of seeing your Rob Liefeld April Fools day joke at the top of the site!



So my school is awesome because it has tons of resources for the taking and heck yeah I’m going to use it every chance I get! Playing around with inks because I wanted to do a thingamabob, and well I really love how these came out! Had to draw both pictures over several times to get things just right, and dang it that was worth it!


Also, it’s time to introduce some chars! The character that Monroe is cowering behind like a little baby is named Nehele. He’s some type of an orc…fairy…water sprite…thing…I don’t know. His gene pool is special even for a mythical creature. He’s a nice guy. The female is named Liz. She’s a harpy and she’s really, really judgmental.


Liz probably wanted to prove she was right and dragged Monroe and Nehele along for the adventure. Whatever they found sure has her excited. Monroe, though? Poor fellow’s probably never going to leave his house again.

Trying Something New


W00t! Howdy! So I decided to experiment a bit today. Switch up the fluffy animals and little dumb dumbs for a bit. Make a change over to something actiony. I worked all day on these designs, and I’m finally satisfied with them! Inspired by the great comic book artists of the 1990s, I present to you, the Cosmic Mayhems! They’re a duo of super awesome superheroes who fight crime and don’t care what you have to say about it. The lady up there is June. She’s a former criminal, but decided to change her ways to fight crime with the super awesome can do no wrong perfectly awesome and powerful December. He has no weakness, is really strong, and has a tragic backstory involving the loss of his family. There’s a third one named April, but she ain’t important. Want to see more? Click here!

Dance Divi Dance!


Redesigns redesigns everywhere!

Trying to get a nice design for an old char of mine named Divinity Wu. She’s been doing stepping for years and years so I imagine she’d have well toned legs and arms. She might be a little too beefy here, but I still love how this came out. There are a lot of things I like about it, like the flowy skirt and how the ink weights in certain places (look at her lips!). Her eyes bug me. They look too buggy and bulging, but that’s really the only problem I have with this one. Scanner was too small, so until I can find a way to scan so you can get the full affect please accept this Iphone photo with photoshop edits.

Skittle Cookies


Wooo haven’t updated in a dogs age! Sorry about the sloppiness. I had to get this quick doodle out of my system😄. Hopefully there will be time to make actual snazzy drawings since Easter break is coming up. In the meantime, stare at the madness that is Pi and be happy that you’ve only ever eaten raisin cookies😄

20 Years and We’re Still Trying to Catch Them All


Pokemon is 20 years old today! Thought it would be cute to draw the two other popular monsters wishing Pikachu a happy anniversary. Jibanyan doesn’t understand these old dudes. He’s probably just there for the cake. Haven’t drawn Pikachu in forever, and I’ve never drawn Agumon or Jibanyan in my life. All things considered they don’t look that bad. Color pencils aren’t my forte, but why not try something new for the occasion? Here’s to more years of trying to catch them all!


(But uh…Nintendo…Toei…you guys should like…really have a Pokemon Digimon crossover…Somehow…please)

Still Alive


Woooo missing updates left right and sideways! Uber sorry about that, all!

I’m taking this watercolor class for school and it’s not going that bad! I kind of like the method that the professor is showing us more than the method I’m accustomed to. Slather an section of the page with water then drip some paint on there. It’s as freeing as it is intricate, and I can dig that. Here’s the very first project from that class. It didn’t come out the way I expected, so it seemed like a good idea to ink out some things to make it look a bit less meh. This semester is turning out to be tons of fun.

Me Talking to Myself. Orignal Poem By Marlyn Exconde


A while ago I asked Marlyn Exconde, who runs an awesome poetry blog called Kintal, if I could make an illustration based on one of her poems. She said yes, and let me pick through a long list. At the time she wrote one called Me Talking To Myself. It’s about searching everywhere except for inside yourself for answers to all of your problems, and personally I think it’s powerful. It’s a nice reminder that we all need once in a while. Sometimes we’re smarter than we think and we have the answers to all of the really big questions. Maybe we don’t have to look at every other source for help that we can give to ourselves. It’s all about self reassurance and self confidence, which are things that can sometimes slip away from us. We just need to reach inside and drag them right back onto the surface.


If you’re not doing so already, please follow Marlyn Exconde’s Kintal. She posts these poems daily, and truth be told they’re therapeutic. There will always be a poem for your needs. Ones to give you that boost, ones to make you feel calm, and ones to make you go “Dang I’m glad I’m alive today!” You’re going to love these well crafted wonders, so go go go and click those links!